U-Search.net virus Removal Guide

Do you know what U-Search.net virus is?

U-Search.net virus is an unwanted program, a browsers hijacker that infects the most popular internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox an Internet Explorer. Usually, this kind of infection comes as a drive-by download, and the hijacker is installed without the user’s consent. Once you notice that this webpage has become your homepage, remove the infection from the system.

The changes in the browsers and their settings are noticed when there is an attempt to start a search for a particular keyword. The virus changes the browser’s homepage and redirects the results either to U-Search.net or to suspicious websites that may be non-related to the keywords that you used in your search. Moreover, in the Bookmark menu, you may find that new websites are included. Ignore the website and do not even think of visiting them, because computer infections should not be trusted. Importantly, the websites found after clicking on the Bookmarks button and the ones that are given on the search result list may be used to corrupt computers. Another important characteristic of the virus that has to be taken into account is that the U-Search.net infection may be used to collect your personal information and send it to third parties. The same recommendations apply to pop-up ads, which should not be maximized or opened due to the same reasons. As soon as you remove U-Search.net virus, you will be able to browse the Internet without being redirected to suspicious websites.

If you want to get rid of the virus immediately, do not try to find its components, which may be hard for an inexperienced user to do, use a powerful spyware removal tool and delete U-Search.net virus automatically. For example, SpyHunter, an acknowledge spyware removal application, kills the threat after detecting different components and also keeps the computer protected.

In non-techie terms:

U-Search.net virus is a latent infection which you should remove as soon as you can. It changes search results to make you click on infected websites; collects information on your browsing habits and can send it to a third party.

Aliases: U-Search virus.