TZ SystemCleanser Removal Guide

Do you know what TZ SystemCleanser is?

TZ SystemCleanser is a rogue anti-spyware program which was found to be a clone of Track Zapper which is another fake spyware removal application running lose over the internet. Just like Track Zapper, TZ SystemCleanser displays many fake security alerts or popups that attempt to scare you into purchasing TZSystem Cleanser through false warnings of viruses or other parasites found on your computer.

TZ SystemCleanser is an absolute waste of time and money if you ever spend the $50 to $80 that is asks for. TZ SystemCleanser in the full version does no more than the initial download of the trail version of the TZ SystemCleanser application. TZ System Cleanser cannot and will not legitimately detect or remove spyware, adware or any other type of malware. TZ SystemCleanser may come from the website which is the same domain that Track Zapper can be downloaded from. It is highly advisable to avoid visiting the domain

In non-techie terms:
TZ SystemCleanser should never be installed or purchased under any circumstances. TZ SystemCleanser is false advertised as a program that improves system speed or one that cleans your computer as it says on the page. Other rogue anti-spyware programs similar to TZ SystemCleanser are sometimes advertised this way so that you end up purchasing a full version of the malicious program. Do not fall for this trick. Save your money and go buy your loved one something nice for Valentine's Day.

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