TrustDefender Removal Guide

Do you know what TrustDefender is?

It can be easy to fall prey to the criminals behind the rogue antispyware application named TrustDefender. Users are easily fooled into believing TrustDefender is a legitimate security application due to its authentic looking user interfaces. Users should guard their PCs against this rogue by not believing any of its fake promises.

PCs infected with TrustDefender have displayed symptoms of browser redirecting, system instability and an increase in random popup messages. An TrustDefender infection exposes the system to many other harmful threats as it will exploit system vulnerabilities in order to allow access for other threats to enter the system.

Users should simply remove TrustDefender with the help of proper antispyware. It is the only way to get control back of their system.

In non techie terms:

TrustDefender is fake software and a ridiculous scam. Never pay for it, and remove TrustDefender from any infected PC as a matter of urgency.

Aliases: Trust Defender.