Trojan.Silentbanker Targets Over 400 Banks

What is Trojan.Silentbanker?

Trojan.Silentbanker is a Trojan designed to target bank accounts basically stealing the bank account information and possibly redirect users to a hacker controlled server instead of the real bank. This Trojan is designed in a way to target via "classic man-in-the-middle" tactics. The Trojan.Silentbanker Trojan can steal passwords from several services with the ability to download updates and collect referrals for redirecting users to other sites. This is a smart little booger that can really cause you to have a bad day when you go to check your account balance.

Trojan.Silentbanker has been out for about a month but was not noted as a big risk until now. It is very ironic that this Trojan is called "Silentbanker" because that is exactly what it is. It acts like a Silent Banker stealing your bank account information and then the hacker may later use your banking information to take your money without you knowing about it. The days of robbing banks in person are fading as fast as the gas prices are rising, we must all guard ourselves accordingly.

PC Tip: Trojan.Silentbanker tactics have been around for a long time. It is up to everyone to be mindful of the banking website that you visit to make your transactions and closely monitor your computer activity online. If you suspect that your bank account has been compromised you must contact the proper authorities immediately. Do not waste time. The sooner you report issues with your banking account, the better off you are in surviving theft of your money.

The in-depth functionality of Trojan.Silentbanker is to download a configuration file containing the domain names of over 400 banks. This list includes large American banks as well as others (small and large) found in countries such as Spain, France, Ireland, Turkey, Finland, the UK and more. Trojan.Silentbanker can be downloaded and delivered through Web exploits and once a system is infected it can attach onto the functionality of Internet Explorer and Firefox. Recently engineers have advised users who may be infected with Trojan.Silentbanker disable System Restore, run a full virus scan a delete the registry values for Trojan.Silentbanker. Overall Trojan.Silentbanker is deemed as a low level threat but the severity is the fact that Trojan.Silentbanker can go undetected on users systems for long periods of time causing havoc.