Trojan.Spy.Ambler.K Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.Spy.Ambler.K is?

Trojan.Spy.Ambler.K is a Trojan infection which you would not like to have on your PC because it causes only adverse consequences. Like other versions of the threat, including Trojan.Spy.Ambler.C, Trojan.Spy.Ambler.D, Trojan.Spy.Ambler.F and others, the threat in question seeks to access your the most valuable data such banking username and passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive information which could be used to steal your money or lure you into some fraud.

Trojan.Spy.Ambler.K does not have tens of components or affiliated files; however it is able to compromise a computer. For example, cssrs.exe is a file which can disable Firewall and security alerts of Windows Security Center. Moreover, this malicious file can access your email account, send spam emails, and create new folders in different locations. Other files such as gabpath.exe and skype.exe can also help attackers to record your information inputs and send the information to attackers. For instance, skype.exe, which bears the name of the well-known instant messaging application Skype, can generate system tray messages, errors and security warnings. Once you notice that something suspicious is going on your PC, do not hesitate to scan the system with a professional spyware removal application.

Due to the fact that the components use rootkit techniques to hide themselves from security programs, you may not suspect that malicious processes of Trojan.Spy.Ambler.K are running within the system. However, if you have received an alert notification claiming that the Trojan has been detected, remove it right now.

We suggest that you do not wait and install SpyHunter which remove all the components of the threat, including such files as questdns.dll, Xvid-Setup-dm-9.exe, CBA.sys and others. If you only suspect that Trojan.Spy.Ambler.K may be within the computer, you can scan the PC with our free scanner which is available below with a single click.

In non-techie terms:

Trojan.Spy.Ambler.K is a dangerous Trojan infection which is used to help remote attackers obtain valuable data that would enable them to access users’ bank accounts. The threat tries to steal your sensitive information such as log-in data, and once it is done, the information is transferred to the attackers. In order to prevent data loss, you should implement a reliable spyware removal tool which will terminate the infection and protect the computer against malware.

Aliases: Trojan.Spy.