Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L is?

Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L is a devious ransomware which can corrupt Microsoft Word Documents, PDF, JPEG, and other sensitive files. Currently, the infection affects files with these extensions: .1cd, .rar, .mdb, .zip, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .cd, and .jpeg. Needless to say, your documents and personal pictures are the most valuable files on the operating system, especially if you do not have them backed-up, which is exactly why schemers have chosen to encrypt them. Even though it is possible to remove Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L from the operating system, the decryption of the corrupted files is complicated. In fact, it is unlikely that you will be able to restore them. Nevertheless, the removal of the infection still is essential.

It has been discovered that Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L is executed using files with the extensions .cmd or del.cmd. Unfortunately, these can be installed onto the PC without your knowledge using different scams. Needless to say, if you remove these files in time, the attack of the malicious Trojan will be disabled. Unfortunately, computer users do not notice these files, and when they are launched, they create a special key which is then sent to a remote server. GNUPG encryption tool is used to encrypt files on your operating system. After this a disturbing warning suggesting that instead of having Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L deleted you need to pay a ransom is presented. Our malware researchers cannot guarantee that the files will be encrypted if you pay the ransom, which is why you need to think carefully. The same rule should be applied by those dealing with Crypto Ransomware, Cryptowall, and similar threats that require removal as well.

Even though it is most likely that files encrypted by Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L will be lost, if you have not backed them up prior to the attack, you should not ignore the infection. In order to remove the disturbing pop-up and files related to the infection, you need to delete Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L. If you do not remove the infection, the disturbing pop-ups will keep showing up, and your virtual security will be endangered. According to our researchers, the Trojan can steal login data, send it to, and take over your virtual accounts to perform other scams. Therefore, the removal of the threats is crucial.

In non-techie terms:

There is no doubt that computer users need to delete ransomware from their operating systems if disturbing pop-ups asking for ransom payments show up. To remove Trojan.Ransomcrypt.L from the operating system you should install automatic malware removal software. Manual removal may be too complicated and lengthy, and you should not let the infection exist on the operating system for another second.