Trojan.Kryptik Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.Kryptik is?

Only legal, automatic removal tools will be able to delete Trojan.Kryptik, a rootkit infection which could be already running inside your system. The malicious application has been developed and released by extremely devious cyber criminals, who are hoping to use their creation for illicit profiting and propagation purposes. Also known as TrojanDownloader:Win32/Renos, the malignant program is truly ran by such malignant components as winlogon.exe, services.exe, setup.exe and tens of others. If you have enough knowledge about your Windows system, you should be able to recognize the names of these files, because they do belong to your system, and are responsible for such processes as user authorization, services’ initiation and termination, or various setups’ configuration. Overall, these components are essential for smooth PC’s operating, which means that if you removed these files, instead of the malignant Trojan.Kryptik ones, you could seriously compromise your PC.

Since most Trojan’s components are tremendously latent, it is not recommended to have them removed manually; however, ignoring them is not an option either because they can do a lot of damage. Winlogon.exe can modify Windows registry, tamper with system’s initialization processes, delete products from your PC, remove access to the Registry Editor and steal passwords/usernames from autoexec.bat file. Additionally, this file can connect to the web, implement BHOs, initiate spam email attacks using your account, and can even create redirections to such websites as,, or, where you could be offered fictitious products and services. These processes would be enough for schemers to paralyze your system; however, services.exe, setup.exe and other malignant executables will also remove access to the Task Manager, incapacitate Windows Security Center and disable safe mode features just to make it impossible to delete Trojan.Kryptik.

Additionally to various detrimental processes, The Trojan could also infiltrate even more malware into your computer. SpySheriff is one of the many rogue antispywares that could show up, and the only purpose of this tool is to convince you that bogus malware is attacking your system, and that you need to remove it with full application’s version:

Serious security threat detected
Your computer is infected with Spyware.
Your Security and Privacy are in DANGER. […]
We are sorry, but the trial version is unable to remove these threats.
We strongly recommend you to purchase Full version.
You will get 24x7 friendly support and unlimited protection.

In non-techie terms:

Trojan.Kryptik could paralyze your computer and make it impossible for you to access the Internet and install automatic removal tools or implement appropriate system’s instruments to delete the Trojan manually. Without a doubt, you should not wait for the situation to get worse; therefore, it is strongly recommended for you to download reliable antimalware tools onto a separate system and then transfer installation files onto your infected PC. Only this way you will be able to run the chosen applications and have Trojan.Kryptik removed in no time.

Aliases: TrojanKryptik .