Trojan.DR.Agent.FMEN Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.DR.Agent.FMEN is?

Trojan.DR.Agent.FMEN, also known as TrojanDropper.Agent.tid, is a treacherous and deceptive Windows infection that has been detected in computers all over the world, primarily in China, Japan and the United States. The dangerous tool can be employed for malicious components’ propagation across the World Wide Web and to expose your computer’s security vulnerabilities. Cyber criminals use drive-by download scams to infiltrate MagicISO.exe, the main Trojan’s component, onto your computer, after which your virtual identity falls at great risk. To have Trojan.DR.Agent.FMEN removed, you will need to delete the malicious executable first, and this task is more difficult than it is expected.

You may recognize MagicISO.exe running on your computer, because this component belongs to a product that works as a CD/DVD manager. Regardless, the file does not have a digital signature and its existence is highly questionable. In fact, suspicious programs like this one could work as malware infiltration backdoors and you should not install them onto your PC. Moreover, if schemers managed to employ the .exe file for devious processes, it is possible that your DVD and CD files could get infected with malware.

Additionally, the file can Add RUN and RUNONCE registry keys to auto-start programs, delete system processes, circumvent detection and removal of existing security tools and release fake pop-ups. If you click on the misleading alerts or online ads, you could get your PC infected even more and schemers could be enabled to steal your confidential data. Note that MagicISO.exe can also be detected with such alias names as magiciso.bak, 24653279.exe, 62356606.exe, etc.

In non-techie terms:

Even if you detect and remove the malignant executable, it does not mean that the vicious Trojan.DR.Agent.FMEN is deleted from your operating Windows system. The infection may run alongside other dangerous files and infections, supporting one another. Therefore, it is important to utilize legal and reliable spyware detection and removal tools, like SpyHunter, which would make sure that all malignant components are removed from the PC efficiently and promptly.

Aliases: Trojan.DR.Agent.