Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp is?

Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp is a malicious computer infection that enters your system stealthily and starts working behind your back. It might be hard to know that you are infected with this dangerous threat because Trojans are not as conspicuous as adware or rogue antispyware applications. To detect and remove Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp immediately, you have to perform regular system scans with a licensed antimalware tool. Do not be surprised to find more than one malicious infection in your system because Trojans and similar malware usually travel in packs.

This Trojan may use several methods to enter your computer. It could be installed through spam email attachments, social media engineering messages, and other means of malware distribution. Most of the time, Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp pretends to be something it is not, so you may think that you are installing a useful application or opening an image file while in fact you initiate the malware installation.

Once the Trojan is executed, it copies itself to the Application Data directory, dropping files named csrss.exe, rundll32.exe, svchost.exe. Take note that these are also the names of important system files, so Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp clearly wants to hide its presence on your computer by masquerading as one of the important system processes. When you open the Windows Task Manager, check the list of the running processes to see if you have multiple svchost.exe or any other system processes. It could be the first indication that you are infected with Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp.

The malware also modifies the Windows Registry in order for the Trojan to start automatically once you turn on your computer. What’s more, Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp also performs particular system settings modifications that allow the program to connect to the Internet behind your back. The Windows Firewall does not stop it anymore, and the Trojan contacts remove hosts at via port 4500 and via port 25.

As a result, Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp informs its command and control center about yet another infection and downloads configuration files. If that weren’t enough, Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp can also download and install more malware on your computer, which could eventually result in the ultimate system crash.

If you notice that your system performance is rather odd, or that your computer is slower than before, there is a good chance that you have been infected with Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp. Since manual removal is out of question, you should acquire a legitimate computer security tool that would scan your computer and help you remove all the Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp files at once.

At the same time, a computer security tool of your choice will detect and remove other potential threats. This will also help you safeguard your computer against similar infections in the future.

In non-techie terms:

Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp is a severe computer security threat. It is a Trojan infection that can enter your system surreptitiously. You must remove Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp from your computer as soon as possible because in the long run the program could download more malware onto your PC. For the alternative software removal method, please check out the secondary set of instructions below. Should you have any specific questions regarding Trojan.Downloader.Recslurp’s removal, you are always welcome to leave us a comment.