Trojan.Delf Removal Guide

Do you know what Trojan.Delf is?

Trojan.Delf is a Trojan infection that intercepts your Internet traffic and seriously compromises your system security. However, if you are infected with this Trojan, it means that you have other malicious infections on your PC as well. It is so, because Trojan.Delf is often installed my other malware onto target computers. Also, it can downloaded via a drive-by download under a file name "bot_unencrypted.exe". However, when the Trojan gets installed on your computer, it uses a different name.

The infection is installed in System32 folder where it drops a copy of itself under a name of WtiSysSt.exe. Trojan.Delf is installed as a system driver to avoid detection by security products. It also modifies a registry subkey to make it auto-start whenever you turn on your computer. Once the installation is complete Trojan.Delf connects to a remote server to download its own updates and various instructions from its developer.

Then the Trojan will try to obtain your personal information, such as browsing history, cookies, passwords and usernames by intercepts security and insecure Internet data (HTTPS and HTTP). With the data acquired, Trojan.Delf later uploads it to a remote server and a hacker behind this infection gains access to your bank account and other various personal accounts on the Internet. What is more, Trojan.Delf also downloads arbitrary files from such servers as or These arbitrary files can be additional malware that only infects your system further.

In order to hide itself from security products, Trojan.Delf injects its code into legal system processes, such as lsass.exe and svchost.exe. It can also modify your browser settings and trick a number of websites to "think" that you are using either of the Internet browsers: Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Avant Browser or Google Chrome. All of this is done in order to avoid being removed, so you can already see that it is rather troublesome to delete Trojan.Delf in your own.

That is why, it is highly recommended to remove Trojan.Delf with a legitimate computer security tool. With an automated computer security program, you will also be able to safeguard your system against similar infections, so do not hesitate and invest in a safeguard tool as soon as possible.

In non-techie terms:

Trojan.Delf is a Trojan that takes over your Internet traffic in order to spy on you and to collect your private data. You need to remove Trojan.Delf immediately if you want to avoid a serious theft and a system crash.

Aliases: Trojan Delf.