TripleM Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what TripleM Ransomware is?

Protecting your operating system against TripleM Ransomware is much easier than it is removing this malware or fixing the damage that it can cause. In fact, some users facing this threat will not be able to fix the damage completely because they might suffer a complete loss of personal files. Storing backup copies of your photos, documents, and other important data is extremely important, and whether you do it using cloud storage or physical external storage, you need to make sure you do something. Keep in mind that using internal system storage is not a good idea because there are many infections that can destroy that. If your files are not backed up, and the malicious ransomware manages to slither in due to lack of protection, you have a big problem on your hands, and, unfortunately, you cannot fix it by deleting TripleM Ransomware.

Spam emails can be used to distribute the malicious TripleM Ransomware. If cyber criminals use this method of distribution, they usually use a misleading email address where just a couple of letters can be changed to mimic a well known, legitimate-looking address. A misleading subject line is employed as well, and this is meant to trick the victim into opening the email. The message inside is misleading as well, and it is meant to trick the user into opening a spam email attachment or a link, and this is how the infection slithers in. Unless you are vigilant and experienced – in which case, you would not open the email in the first place – you would not notice the entrance of TripleM Ransomware. If the threat is not removed right away, it encrypts personal files soon, and then it appends “.MMM” to the names of the files. All files with these extensions cannot be opened or read with any program because they require decryption.

“GET_YOUR_FILES_BACK.html” is a file that is created by TripleM Ransomware to introduce victims to the ransom demands, and they are big. The message informs that the victim has to purchase 0.45 Bitcoins – which, at the time of research, was around $3000 – and send it to a special Bitcoin wallet with address 1MMMSA9WJvM7BjhEqy4cQ4gjUXgKKTJcK3. Afterward, the victim has to email an ID to for the decryption key and software to be sent back. These are standard instructions, but, of course, the ransom is enormous. Despite that, some people have already made the payments, as there are currently 2.5 Bitcoins in the wallet. Should you pay the ransom? If you do not have that kind of money, that is not even an option for you, and that makes the decision easy. But if you do, you might struggle to figure out what is the right move. Remember that cyber criminals behind TripleM Ransomware are unlikely to keep their promises, and so if you do not want to waste your money for nothing, we suggest focusing on the removal of this threat.

Do you know where the executable of TripleM Ransomware is? You need to know this if you are planning on deleting the infection manually. Our researchers have found that this file, along with the HTML file representing the ransom note, are the only ones created by the infection. So, if you manage to find the .exe file, it should be easy for you to delete TripleM Ransomware. Another option would be to employ anti-malware software, and this is what we recommend doing because this software can also help you take care of your Windows protection. Needless to say, if you do not take care of that, you will continue being vulnerable to all kinds of malware. If you do not protect yourself against that, soon enough, you might find yourself trying to delete yet another malicious threat.

Delete TripleM Ransomware

  1. Delete all recently downloaded suspicious files. This is done in the hopes of eliminating the malicious ransomware .exe file in those cases when this file cannot be identified. If you can identify it, erase it ASAP.
  2. Find and Delete the GET_YOUR_FILES_BACK.html file.
  3. Use a legitimate malware scanner to perform a full system scan and look for malware leftovers.

In non-techie terms:

You might be overwhelmed by TripleM Ransomware because you might be thinking about the decryption of your files, the ransom, and the protection of your system all at once. Decrypting files is unlikely to be possible, and so if you do not have backups online or on an external device, it is unlikely that you can do anything about it. Note that if you want to check backups, do so on a malware-free computer. Luckily, you can remove TripleM Ransomware and take care of protection at once by installing anti-malware software. If you do not do that, you will need to delete the infection and ensure protection all on your own, and that can be challenging to say the least.