Trendio Ads Removal Guide

Do you know what Trendio Ads is?

Trendio Ads is the name of a malware infection that may present to you potentially unreliable third-party web content and thus put your virtual security at risk. In fact, this is a useless Google Chrome browser extension that claims to provide you trending news as well as a search tool. However, our researchers have found that this is just a new browser hijacker that may sneak onto your computer in questionable ways. As a matter of fact, this hijacker seems to be a newcomer in the notorious malware family called SuperWeb. This can mean that its only purpose is, of course, making a lot of easy money through promoting third parties. How can it do that? Please read our full article to learn more about this browser hijacker. But before we dive into the lake of research, we can tell you this: You need to remove Trendio Ads if you want to protect your PC from further malware attacks.

There are basically two official channels through which you can download and install this useless browser extension. One is obviously the promotional website, We must tell you about this website that it is very simple. But this time at least you cannot miss the Download Free button because it is relatively large to remain unnoticed; as other official websites even tend to lack a download link or button for their products. Another official way for you to install Trendio Ads is visiting the Chrome web store at The counter on this page shows as “many” as 10 installs, which would not be enough to make it a “most wanted” browser extension. So where does this browser hijacker come from if there are so many reports about its emergence in Chrome browsers?Trendio Ads Removal GuideTrendio Ads screenshot
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Let us provide you with the answer for this “mystery.” As a matter of fact, this is no magic at all. We would rather call it the “good old and trendy way” to distribute browser hijackers as well as adware applications and potentially unwanted programs all packed together in a malicious bundle. Yes, the name of the game is called bundling. Schemers seem to love this method as they can promote their packages through unreliable file-sharing websites, including freeware and torrent sites, which are full of unsafe third-party ads. Hundreds of thousands of computer users try to find and download free movies, music, and software every day. What could be more efficient than that? Therefore, you need to be cautious when searching the web for a new tool to download because you can easily end up on fake and malicious websites whose only goal is to make you click on one of their traps, in other words, third-party advertisements. If you infect your system with a bundle of threats, obviously, deleting Trendio Ads will not restore security on your computer. When in doubt, you should always run a malware scanner to see how many more infections there are to make your virtual world an unsafe place.

This browser extension promises you trending news, which manifest in the form of a dozen of thumbnail quick links below the search box. Clicking on these will take you to a search page that is supposed to provide you with results related to the particular trending news you have clicked on. But as you may know, free tools are rarely free actually. Even if indirectly, but you will pay the price and often not in a good way. The truth is that this hijacker can modify the test results. So either you use the search tool or the quick links, it is possible that you end up on a Bing search results page that contains potentially unreliable third-party ads and sponsored links pushed by Trendio Ads. If you click on unsafe content, you may be taken to fake websites operated by cyber criminals. This could end very badly for you because you can easily infect your system with dangerous malware programs or disclose your personal and banking information. The latter may have devastating effects on your virtual life. We advise you to refrain from clicking on any content related to this browser hijacker. What’s more, we suggest that you remove Trendio Ads as soon as you notice it in your browser.

Finally, we cannot let you go without solutions. You will be glad to hear that it is quite easy to eliminate Trendio Ads through your browser settings. Even if you are an inexperienced computer user, you can try to follow our instructions below because it is really that easy. If you do not want to see any more malware threats on your computer and would like to browse the web with peace of mind, we suggest that you employ a trustworthy anti-malware application. Keep it always updated and your virtual world will be protected 24/7/365.

How to remove Trendio Ads from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and choose Settings.
  2. Pick Extensions on the left.
  3. Select the extension and click on the trash can icon.
  4. In the pop-up, press Remove.

In non-techie terms:

Trendio Ads is an annoying browser extension that can appear in your Google Chrome browser when a browser hijacker sneaks onto your system. This hijacker can change your new tab setting in your Chrome browser and present to you an unreliable search page. This page is supposed to offer you trending news pieces by easy-access links; however, our researchers have found that this hijacker may manipulate the search results pages even though your queries are redirected to a Bing search results page. Through these modified results you may be exposed to potentially harmful web content; therefore, we advise you to remove Trendio Ads ASAP. If you prefer automated methods to protect your PC, we recommend that you use a decent anti-malware program to take the burden of the malware warfare off your shoulders.