Tox Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Tox Ransomware is?

The malicious Tox Ransomware is one of those infections that go straight for the vulnerable spot, which, in this case, is personal files. The devious threat immediately encrypts your personal files and adds a unique extension, .toxcrypt. When this happens, the photos, video files, documents, and other sensitive files are modified so that you could not open them. Alpha Crypt, Bitcryptor Virus, and other malicious ransomware threats – that also deserve urgent removal – can be just as disruptive. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say which one of these infections you will need to remove from your operating system. If you are reading this report, it is most likely that you already need to delete Tox Ransomware, but it is obvious that these identical infections can attack your operating system using the same methods.

It is clear that computer users do not install Tox Ransomware themselves. Instead, the developer of this malicious infection relies of malicious drive-by download attacks and scams to infiltrate this threat. For example, you might have to remove Tox Ransomware after executing a malicious software bundle. The bad news is that if one malicious threat has found its way in, your operating system might be infected with other infections as well. Even though it is essential you remove all threats, right now it is most important to delete Tox Ransomware. Of course, most users keep postponing the removal of this malicious ransomware because they do not know what to do about the decryption of their files. It is very unfortunate, but you will not restore the files encrypted by removing Tox Ransomware.

Tox Ransomware will use your browser to introduce you to the demands that, if fulfilled, supposedly can free your files. You will be asked to pay $50 using the BitCoin currency, but this is not something we recommend. If you pay the ransom, your files might remain locked, and you might be asked to pay additional fees. After all, Tox Ransomware was created by cyber criminals, which is why it is impossible to predict what will happen if you make the transaction. Our researchers do not recommend making any abrupt decisions. Of course, whether you manage to restore your files or not, you must remove Tox Ransomware from your operating system, and we suggest employing a reliable malware detection and removal tool to delete this threat. Follow the guide below to achieve success quickly and effortlessly.

Delete Tox Ransomware from Windows

  1. Launch a browser and visit .
  2. Follow the instructions to download and install a reliable automated malware remover.
  3. Perform a system scan and click Fix Threats to remove Tox Ransomware and other malware.

In non-techie terms:

The information presented by Tox Ransomware can be very untrustworthy, and your might get nothing in return after paying the ransom. If you have your personal files backed up using online storage or removal devices, you do not need to think about anything else, but the removal of Tox Ransomware. The instructions above show how to install automatic malware detection and removal software, but if you find that you cannot install this software, you can refer to the instructions below. You can also start a discussion in the comments section below, so that we could help you out if needed.