TotalAntivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what TotalAntivirus is?

TotalAntivirus or sometimes refurred to as Total Antivirus ver. 3.11, is a rogue anti-spyware program that is usually installed through a trojan or security hole. TotalAntivirus, like many other fake anti-spyware programs, conducts devious methods to entice computer users to purchase a full version of the TotalAntivirus software. We are here to tell you that TotalAntivirus is a Total-Waste of your time and money because it does not help you with removal of spyware or viruses like it claims.

TotalAntivirus can be downloaded without your permission or directly from the website. We find that is a malicious website that promotes the TotalAntivirus program. Don't bother visiting or downloading TotalAntivirus unless you are looking for a new computer because that is what you may think you need after TotalAntivirus damages your current system.

In non-techie terms: TotalAntivirus can be a real pain in the butt by displaying popups and alert messages. TotalAntivirus uses these messages to make you think you must purchase TotalAntivirus to remove the threats. This is not so. If you can, save yourself the headache and aggravation of removing TotalAntivirus by not downloading or purchasing TotalAntivirus under any circumstances.

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