Total PC Defender Removal Guide

Do you know what Total PC Defender is?


Total PC Defender is yet another addition to the group of rogue programs developed by the same designers of Safety Anti-spyware. Total PC Defender is generally speaking, deployed with the aid of Trojan Downloader infections, making it possible for Total PC Defender to escape antivirus detection, thus enabling it to proceed covertly on the system, and allow for the success of its dubious mission. This mission is to coerce money from unsuspecting PC users, by convincing them that their system has been inundated with a variety of misleading applications, viruses and PC threats, leaving the user with the thought that there is no other choice but to purchase the full version of Total PC Defender.

In non-techie terms:

This is all false and fictitious! Do not fall prey to this scam, as Total PC Defender will not be able to assist with computer safety in any way, shape or form. Total PC Defender makes its presence known via the bombardment of pop-up alert messages. These pop-ups ensure that the PC user will be led to believe their system is under threat, and action needs to be taken. Nine times out of ten, the system in question is perfectly healthy and safe. Therefore it is best to employ the services of a legitimate and up to date antispyware tool, to ensure whether the system is in fact infected - in reality, or if it is jus the claims of this nefarious tool. It is best advised to delete this dubious application and all its components, as soon as Total PC Defender has been detect.

Aliases: TotalPCDefender, TotalPC Defender, Total PCDefender.