The Brotherhood Ransomware Removal Guide

D o you know what The Brotherhood Ransomware is?

Our specialists check the web for new malware regularly. Their recent discovery is The Brotherhood Ransomware. According to specialists, there is a possibility that it is still in development, or it has been developed for testing purposes only, but, of course, it does not mean that cyber criminals cannot start distributing it to achieve their goals, i.e. to extract money from users. We can confirm that The Brotherhood Ransomware was not distributed actively at the time of analysis, so it is not very likely that you will encounter it if nothing has changed; however, if it ever happens that you find it installed on your PC, delete it right away. Unfortunately, you will not unlock your personal files (if it has encrypted them) by deleting this threat from the system. Continue reading to get more knowledge about the removal of this ransomware infection.

Even though The Brotherhood Ransomware was not distributed actively at the time of analysis, there is no doubt that it was developed to encrypt victims’ files. Researchers say that users should find all files located in %USERPROFILE%\Documents completely encrypted if they ever encounter this infection. It uses AES-256, which is considered a secure encryption algorithm, to encrypt files in this directory, so there is no doubt that it would be extremely hard, or even impossible, to decrypt them without the special decryptor. You can buy it from cyber criminals for 100 BTC (~ 828, 373 USD), but we suspect that you would not want to invest your money in the tool you might not even get from cyber criminals. Actually, the BTC wallet address indicated in the ransom note dropped did not work at the time of research too, which suggests once again that The Brotherhood Ransomware is still in development, or it was developed and released for fun. Unfortunately, you will not unlock your files by removing the .ransomcrypt extension from them. We could not find a free decryptor that could unlock files encrypted by The Brotherhood Ransomware too, which means that users could get their files back only if they have a backup they could restore encrypted data from.The Brotherhood Ransomware Removal GuideThe Brotherhood Ransomware screenshot
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Specialists say that this infection is not distributed actively. The current situation might change quickly, so we still recommend being more cautious. First of all, you should stop downloading programs from dubious websites. Second, do not open attachments from suspicious emails even if they do not look dangerous. Third, you should not click on random links because you might install malicious software on your computer with the single click. There is a possibility that this infection will not become prevalent, but it would definitely not be worse to be slightly more careful. If you do not think that you could prevent the tiniest infection from entering the system, you should keep a security application installed on your computer 24/7. It will not allow other kinds of threats to enter your system illegally too. In other words, you could no longer worry about your PC’s security.

If you ever encounter The Brotherhood Ransomware, delete this infection from your computer right away, and it does not even matter whether or not it has locked your important files. This infection neither drops a copy of itself, nor creates a point of execution, which clearly shows that it is far from sophisticated malicious software. It still cannot be kept installed on the system because it might encrypt all new files if launched accidentally again. We are sure you will delete it quickly yourself because you will only have to remove two components: the malicious file launched and the ransom note (RansomNote.jpg). Of course, it would be quicker to erase this infection automatically.

Remove The Brotherhood Ransomware

  1. Locate the malicious file you have launched.
  2. Delete it.
  3. Locate RansomNote.jpg on your Desktop.
  4. Remove it.
  5. Empty Trash.

In non-techie terms:

The Brotherhood Ransomware is a threat that will completely lock your documents with a strong cipher if it ever finds a security loophole and manages to slither onto your computer. It seems that it is still in development or has been developed for fun, but it still demands a ransom. Never send money to ransomware developers even if you can afford the decryption tool they offer to purchase from them because you cannot know whether you will really get it. Additionally, do not expect the rate of malware to drop by transferring money to malware authors, thus encouraging them to develop new threats.