System Sweeper Removal Guide

Do you know what System Sweeper is?

System Sweeper is another confusing name for a fake anti-spyware program that may closely resembles the name of a good spyware program, SpySweeper. Unlike any good anti-spyware program, System Sweeper does not remove spyware. System Sweeper may look like a nicely laid out program but the reality behind it is that it only wants you to spend your money foolishly on a full version of System Sweeper.

After us testing System Sweeper we noticed that it does not look like a normal program in that it does not have a window border. Surprisingly if you ever find yourself on the website you may notice that it has an automatic system scan running from the website which we do not believe is real. It would be rather silly for a website to start scanning your computer without your permission the moment that you access the web page.

In non-techie terms: In conclusion we now know that System Sweeper is absolute garbage and should never be used unless you do not mind wasting time. System Sweeper should never be purchased because it does not do anything for you but annoy you with bogus scan information.

Aliases: System Sweeper, System-Sweeper, SystemSweeper,

System Sweeper screen shot image: