System Error. Hard disk failure detected Removal Guide

Do you know what System Error. Hard disk failure detected is?

If you get a message “System Error. Hard disk failure detected”, do not panic and do not click on any options given. This hoax is being displayed by one of the fake hard drive defragmentation (HDD) tools such as File Restore, File Recovery or any other rogue from the same family. As fake HDDs imitates various system errors and expect the users to acquire their fake full versions, there is no need to trust the pop-up warnings that are being displayed regularly. Instead, you should remove the program that is displaying this fanciful message.

You may also notice that your computer is not running as usual. For example, the PC may restart unexpectedly after you close the message, which is very likely to reappear on the screen whenever you try to do something on your PC. The shutdown of the PC is caused by the same infection that is displaying this bogus notification:

System Error. Hard disk failure detected
It’s highly recommended to run complete HDD scan to prevent loss of personal files.

Even if you see that you cannot find some of your files, it does not mean that they have gone because of the fault in the system. Once you remove the unwanted program that is displaying bogus notifications, the settings of your operating system are restored.

To remove “System Error. Hard disk failure detected” from the screen and delete the fake HDD, use a reliable spyware removal tool which will perform the removal procedures for you. Even if you are familiar with how malware should be removed, we advise you against manual removal to prevent damage. A reliable and powerful application will detect and remove all the elements associated with the infection, which ensures that no computer threats will infect the system in the future.

In non-techie terms:

“System Error. Hard disk failure detected” is a bogus message displayed by a rogue product pretending to be a hard drive defragmenter. If the PC is infected with a fake HDD, not only will the fake message be displayed, but other symptoms may be produced as well. Once a suspicious notification appears, scan the computer for potential infections and remove them if any is detected. We recommend using SpyHunter, which, in contrast to other security programs, can identify and delete different types of computer threats.

Aliases: Hard disk failure detected.