System Defragmenter Removal Guide

Do you know what System Defragmenter is?

System Defragmenter is a rogue defragment  application out to trick consumers out of their hard earned money. It will misleadingly present itself to users as a legitimate defragment tool. Users are well advised to steer clear of System Defragmenter and any of its touted applications.

Users infected with System Defragmenter have reported increasing system instability, browser and search redirection, sporadic popup messages and random items appearing on their desktop.

What makes System Defragmenter even tougher to manage is the fact that it can enter your system without your knowledge or consent. This is done through the use of sneaky Trojans which attaches itself to seemingly inconspicuous downloads.

Users should remove System Defragmenter from their PCs immediately. This will serve to minimize the damage inflicted by an System Defragmenter infection.

In non techie terms:

System Defragmenter is a scam and should never be trusted. If you fear your system has been compromised, simply remove System Defragmenter with the help of a well known antispyware security tool.

Aliases: SystemDefragmenter.