System Cleaner Removal Guide

Do you know what System Cleaner is?

It can be easy to fall victim to the clever lies and opulent online marketing campaigns employed by developers of rogue security tools to promote their rubbish applications. This is certainly the case with System Cleaner – a known and revolted rogue antispyware application recognized for its propensity to create problems for its victims’ PCs. This rogue in particular does a good job to convince its prospective victims of its legitimacy thanks to its genuine and user friendly looking graphical user interfaces.

Despite what System Cleaner would like its victims to believe, it certainly does not own the ability to detect or remove any type of threat from the system. System Cleaner targets its prospective host PCs with seditious Trojans which carries and roots its infection securely into vulnerable PCs. These Trojans are distributed via fake online malware scanners and seditious browser hijackers.

Once System Cleaner roots itself in the system it will start its attack on the PC. This will be heralded by the user being spammed by various fake security alerts generated by System Cleaner in an effort to panic him into thinking his PC is infected. All of these fake security alerts are completely without basis and should be ignored.

At the end of the day System Cleaner will be responsible for more damage to your system than good. Do not allow this rambunctious threat hold your PC ransom any longer, destroy System Cleaner before it’s too late. This is best achieved through making use of a genuine security tool which will not only erase System Cleaner from the system but also adequately protect your system against similar future attacks.

In non techie terms:

System Cleaner is a fake security tool only out to steal your money. Get rid of System Cleaner before it’s too late.

Aliases: SystemCleaner.