SysDefence Removal Guide

Do you know what SysDefence is?


SysDefence,  is yet another rogue security program, hailing from the same rogue family as: TheDefend, GuardPCS, Security Fighter, Save Armor, Save Defender, Trust Warrior, Soft Safeness, SiteAdware and IGuardPc. As with many of these type rogue programs, SysDefence, should be removed from any PC it has infiltrated, immediately upon detection. SysDefencehas one main goal - to coerce users into purchasing its full version. SysDefence tends to simulate a system scan which produces only distressing results of a variety of malware infections being ‘present’ on the system. All of this is fake – and is just a ploy used to ensure the sale of their full version software. Annoying pop-up messages are also added to the equation in an attempt to drive the user to spend money on the rogue program.

In non techie terms:

SysDefence is a total scam! Do not fall for their tactics of persuasion - SysDefence will only harm any PC it has infiltrated. Removal is key!