SysCleaner Removal Guide

Do you know what SysCleaner is?

SysCleaner is a recent rogue anti-spyware program that can damage files on your computer. SysCleaner posses as a legitimate system cleaning program that does nothing but cause havoc amongst your system. SysCleaner may generate false scan results finding pornography and other suspicious files on your computer. SysCleaner may manipulate the scanned files and possibly hide or block them. SysCleaner can open security holes leaving your computer vulnerable for other attacks. SysCleaner and the SysCleaner website are not legitimate spyware removal tools.

In non-techie terms: SysCleaner and the SysCleaner website use advanced tactics to get users to purchase a version of the SysCleaner software. SysCleaner is fake anti-spyware software and does users no good with the fake file scannes that it performs. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase the SysCleaner program. It is always a good practice to avoid suspicious looking websites such as the SysCleaner website if you are not sure of the functionality of the program advertised.

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