Remvoal Guide

Do you know what is? refers to anti-virus technology which helps you identify computer infections. If your security tool has detected, it means that your computer contains some computer threats or it may suggest that your software applications are corrupted. This entity is meant to show you that your computer requires your attention and that some particular actions should be taken. may cause you some trouble in the sense that it can provide you with false positives. It means that in addition to the dangerous instances, this detection technology may regard some valid files as malicious. As a result, every instance should be checked to find out whether the information provided by is justified. does not use any database as the suspicious cases are detected by analyzing the characteristics of known computer infections. This helps to identify different variants of viruses that have different names and originate from the same malware family.

If your anti-virus program has detected this heuristic detection but due to some reason cannot remove from your PC, we suggest that you install and utilize our spyware removal tool. Our malware prevention tool will determine whether the file detected by is really harmful and if so, it will deleted.

It may happen that your anti-virus tool may quarantine or even delete the files which have nothing to do with malware. As a result, pay attention to its scan results and use our anti-malware tool SpyHunter which will easily distinguish what system components have to be left within the system and what files have to be removed immediately to ensure proper performance of the PC.

In non-techie terms: is a heuristic detection which is used to identify various malicious files or infection which are not present in anti-virus databases. However, not all detections presented by may refer to dangerous Trojans or computer virus. Therefore, in order to remove, you should install a professional tool which can remove only those files that prevent the system from running properly.

Aliases: Suspicious cloud 5.