Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus is?

Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus is a computer infection targeted at Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The purpose of this ransomware infection is to deceive a computer user into sending a message in order to get a verification key which should be entered into particular fields. It is important to note that your operating system cannot expire, which proves that the warning you have is a scam.

In order to trick you into sending the message which will be charged, the Trojan which displays the bogus warning alters the Registry so that you cannot access the system. Various malicious files are created as well in or order to perform various functions planned by the creators of the threat.

Other ransomware infections which are categorized under the label Ukash virus or Police virus employs a different strategy. They present falsified accusations which are supposedly presented on behalf of some international or national legal enforcement agency. In the case of Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus, instead of the credentials of the police, the user is provided with the idea he or she is dealing with Microsoft. Below you will find and excerpt from the bogus warning:

Su licencia de Windows ha caducado, usted dispone de la Validacion por SMS, realize los siguientes pasos para obtener su nueva licencia de forma gratuita.

-Seleccione su pais y haga clic en "Verificar":

- Envie un SMS con la palabra al y recibira un mensaje de verificacion. Luego de recibir el mensaje de verificacion, reenvie el SMS para obtener un codigo de acceso. Costo del SMS: Sin costo
-Introduzca su codigo de acceso aqui (Ejemplo : X4432T69)

-Para verificar que usted es una persona y no una maquina, escriba en mayuscula la primer letra de su codigo aqui (Ejemplo : X) y haga clic en "Verificar"

Pay no attention to the requirements provided in the warning as it is schemers’ attempt to earn easy money. In order to regain access to the computer and protect it against further instances, you should remove Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus from the PC as soon as you can. Do not think that by deleting the threat manually you will avoid other ransomware attacks. Any unprotected computer can be affected by various computer infections of different complexity and your computer is not an exception.

As a result, you should utilize a powerful malware prevention tool which is capable of removing Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus. The software that you need is SpyHunter, and below you will find the instructions which will help you install this application properly.

Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus Removal

Windows XP

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Start tapping the F8 key as soon as the BIOS screen loads.
  3. Using the arrow keys, select Safe Mode with Networking.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Click Yes in the dialog box.
  6. Open the Start menu.
  7. Launch Run.
  8. Type msconfig.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Open the Startup tab.
  11. Click Disable All and then click Apply.
  12. Download SpyHunter.
  13. Reboot the PC.
  14. Install the application and scan the PC.

Windows 8

  1. Press the Windows key.
  2. Click Internet Explorer.
  3. Type and press OK.
  4. Download or run the installer.
  5. After the installation, scan the PC to detect the threat.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. As soon as the BIOS screen loads, start tapping the F8 key.
  3. Select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
  4. Open the browser and go to to download SpyHunter.

In non-techie terms:

Su Licencia Ha Caducado Virus is a dangerous ransomware infection which seeks to rip you off. If your PC has been infected with this threat, remove it without hesitation as its content does not have anything to do with the condition of your operating system.

Aliases: Caducado Virus.