SpamBlockerUtility Removal Guide

Do you know what SpamBlockerUtility is?

SpamBlockerUtility is a recent fake utility that poses as a spam blocking tool. Many computer users want to alleviate spam messages and go to great lengths to find a good spam blocker utility. During the search for a spam blocking tool you may run across SpamBlockerUtility. The unexpected fact about SpamBlockerUtility is that it is malicious in nature and does not actually block spam. SpamBlockerUtility makes the false claim of being able to effectively work alongside of Outlook and Outlook Express to block spam messages.

We have noticed that SpamBlockerUtility is known to install other malware, change your web browser settings and launch annoying popups. SpamBlockerUtility or sometimes referred too as Spam Blocker Utility has its own website which is part of the dirty scam created by the makers of SpamBlockerUtility. SpamBlockerUtility may come bundled with other tools such as Hotbar, a weather tool, registry tools and email plug-ins.

In non-techie terms: SpamBlockerUtility is more of an annoyance than a actual spam blocking utility. It is cleverly named SpamBlockerUtility in order to entice computer users to download and install the program. Do not under any circumstances visit, download SpamBlockerUtility or purchase SpamBlockerUtility.

Aliases: SpamBlockerUtility, Spam Blocker Utility,,

SpamBlockerUtility installs toolbars onto Internet Explorer, Outlook and Outlook Express that resembles the image below: website image:

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