Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is a website that offers you to download a browser plug-in. This browser extension is supposed to improve your Internet browsing experience. Unfortunately, it seems that instead of enhancing your browser, modifies it according to its own needs, and users have been complaining in various software forums that they have found it hard to remove from their browser and their systems. If a computer application is hard to remove, then there is definitely something odd about it. Removal screenshot
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However, we tested out, and during the installation it is possible to choose whether you want to set as you default browser or not. You can also choose NOT to install toolbar. This allows us to infer, that some users go through the installation process negligently and install all features of this browser plug-in without even checking it. It might happen if comes bundled with other software and it is installed together with other applications.

Also the uninstall utility of toolbar works just fine. If you cannot uninstall this application and you feel that you are constantly being redirected, it means that has been exploited by a third party website or malware. You could have a Trojan infection in your system as well. We emphasize that browser plug-in is not malicious, but if you happen to have problems with it and you cannot uninstall it manually, remove with a legitimate antimalware program. The problem will scan your computer and will terminate the real problem behind erratic computer behavior.

In non-techie terms: is a browser toolbar that enhances Internet searches and browsing experience. It is a legitimate application that can be misused by a third party and cause users various problems. Remove from your computer if you think you do not need it, and perform a full system scan with a computer security tool to check for other possible infections.

Aliases: Snap do.