Smart Protection 2011 Removal Guide

Do you know what Smart Protection 2011 is?

It would seem as though developers of rogue antispyware are investing much more time and effort into the aesthetic appeal of their products, as can be seen in Smart Protection 2011 rogue antispyware GUI. This is a blatant effort on the part of the cyber criminals behind this rogueware to continue fooling increasingly more cynical consumers. Whatever this rogue appears to be, users should not forget its origin from the same family of rogues as Smart Internet Protection 2011. Smart Protection 2011 was designed to trick users out of their money. This Smart Protection 2011 has no ability to detect, quarantine or remove any threat whatsoever, and will stop at nothing to successfully fleece the consumer out of his hard earned money.

Smart Protection 2011 is spread via seditious Trojans which gain access to users’ PCs in a variety of devious ways. Its infiltration is almost undetectable, and once the Trojan roots itself in the PC the user won’t be able to remove Smart Protection 2011 easily. The Smart Protection 2011 Trojans and malware is spread via an intricate system involving browser hijackers and fake online malware scanners. These act as agents distributing and promoting Smart Protection 2011, and they are known to exploit browser and system vulnerabilities in order to successfully compromise PC owners’ systems.

Users’ first inkling of Smart Protection 2011 on their system will come from fake security messages employed by Smart Protection 2011 to panic users. These messages are baseless and without merit, and PC owners should pay them no heed. The messages will state that the PC is compromised by various dire looking threats, and Smart Protection 2011 will magnanimously offer to rid the system of them but only once the consumer pays for Smart Protection 2011’s fake software. This should simply never happen as Smart Protection 2011 is developed and marketed by cyber criminals, and once the consumer hands over his sensitive personal information to them he will not have any control over who has access to it.

In order to prevent the certain destruction and crippling devastation which follows this incredulous infection, destroy Smart Protection 2011 before it destroys your PC. Do this by investing in a properly functioning security application which will not only remove Smart Protection 2011 but also offer future protection against similar threats.

In non techie terms:

Smart Protection 2011 is a fake security tool only out to fleece you out of your money. Do not become this criminal application’s next victim and erase Smart Protection 2011 from the system without delay.

Aliases: Smart Protection2011, SmartProtection 2011, SmartProtection2011.