Slick Savings Removal Guide

Do you know what Slick Savings is?

If your operating Windows system is not guarded by authentic security software, we recommend that you remove Slick Savings. This browser plugin acts as a browser helper object on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. What is the purpose of this application? Once you install it onto your browsers, the add-on collects information about your recent search history and preferences. This data helps the developers of the plugin (Spigot Inc.) to present you with online coupons and saving deals which obviously are meant to help you save money. If the plugin is active on your PC, every time you visit an online shopping site you may be presented with an alert saying ‘View All Available Coupons’. By clicking on this alert you are supposed to find a list of coupons which may be useful to you. Whether you find the plugin useful or not, we can help you remove Slick Savings.

As research has revealed, Slick Savings may come bundled with Savings Slider. Note that other Spigot programs (e.g. Dealio Toolbar) may distribute third-party software as well. Saving Slider is an advertisement supported browser plugin which also presents online saving deals. Even though both of the applications seem authentic and reliable, Windows security experts recommend that you stay careful with them. BHO supported programs collect information which is valuable to dishonest advertisers and even cyber crooks. Needless to say, no one wants to become a victim of some ridiculous online scam, which is why we strongly recommend that you figure out a way to protect the operating system and remove Slick Savings.

Even though Slick Savings removal is not compulsory and Windows users may run their computers securely with this plugin in actions, certain measures should be taken. Do you want to continue using the plugin? Then click the download button below and install a reliable spyware detection and removal tool which will keep your operating system guarded against all virtual threats. For those who wish to delete Slick Savings from the PC we have prepared the manual removal instructions below.

Delete Slick Savings (manually)

Delete from Windows XP:

  1. Move to the bottom left corner of the screen and click Start.
  2. Open Control Panel and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Click the undesirable application and click Remove.

Delete from Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  1. Open the Start menu which you can find on the Task Bar.
  2. Click Control Panel and then Uninstall a program.
  3. Right-click the application you wish to remove and select Uninstall.

Delete from Windows 8:

  1. Right-click on the background of the Metro UI start screen and select All apps.
  2. Open Control Panel and go to Uninstall a program.
  3. Select the undesirable program and click Uninstall.

Delete from Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome, simultaneously tap Alt+T and move to Tools.
  2. Click Extensions and locate the undesirable plugin.
  3. Click the trash icon on the right and select Remove.

Delete from Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch IE, simultaneously tap Alt+T and select Manage Add-ons.
  2. From the menu on the right select Toolbars and Extensions.
  3. Disable the undesirable plugin and click Close.

Delete from Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Simultaneously tap the keys Ctrl+Shift+A to open the Add-ons Manager.
  2. From the menu on the right select Extensions.
  3. Navigate to Slick Savings and click the Remove button.

In non-techie terms:

Slick Savings is a browser plugin which has some browser helper object traits. The program is not critically dangerous; however, some Windows users have found the plugin useless. If you wish to delete the add-on – follow the manual removal instructions below; and if you also want to safeguard the operating Windows system – install authentic security software.

Aliases: SlickSavings.