Skitodayplease Removal Guide

Do you know what Skitodayplease is?

Skitodayplease is a recent Trojan that may aid in the spread of viruses on a user's computer. Skitodayplease can drastically slow down your computer and render your Internet Explorer useless. Skitodayplease or will show up in the Internet Explorer history hiding out before it makes its move by changing your settings without your permission.

Skitodayplease is similar to the Trojan Doginhispen which is another recent infection known to attack through the Internet Explorer web browser. Skitodayplease and Doginhispen have similar characteristics of appearing in the IE history until it makes its grand appearance by displaying popups and flashing red X's on your background. Skitodayplease may be downloaded and installed through video codecs, P2P sites, and gaming downloads.

In non-techie terms: Skitodayplease or was mastered by hackers to sneak into your system and cause damage at any given time. Skitodayplease is usually downloaded through a video codec download from a bogus or suspicious looking website. It is always a good practice to avoid unnecessary downloads if they are not approved by your currently installed software. Do not under any circumstances visit the website or download any programs related to Skitodayplease.

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