Skeleton Key Removal Guide

Do you know what Skeleton Key is?

Skeleton Key is a tremendously clandestine and dangerous Trojan that mainly targets unguarded Windows operating systems. According to our researchers, the infection manages to get around the Active Directory systems that use SFA, or single-factor authentication. This authentication is based on one-step login, where a user only needs to enter a user name and a password to get into a desired account. Unfortunately, most computer users figure out that they need to delete Skeleton Key only after they face identity theft. Most users do not even know when the threat enters, so it is not surprising they cannot find or remove it themselves. The threat is operated via dynamic-link library files, and they are usually detected during thorough system scans.

If you are reading this report, we are sure that you know that the threat exists on your PC, or you suspect its existence. Have you noticed that your virtual accounts have been hijacked? If you have, there is no time to waste. You need to remove Skeleton Key from your operating system, and then you need to secure your virtual accounts by changing the passwords. Needless to say, some accounts are more vulnerable than others; however, it seems that if you do not delete Skeleton Key, it could be used to take advantage of all of them. For example, your social networking and email accounts could be used to spread corrupted spam messages and links allowing the successful distribution of Skeleton Key itself. Your online banking accounts could be used to launder money. Do you want to become a victim of schemers? If you do not, you need to remove Skeleton Key ASAP, before the threat manages to drop more malware that you will need to delete as well. Our researchers warn that the threat could install keyloggers capable of disclosing more passwords, and this malware requires immediate removal.

The devious Skeleton Key is usually spread using drive-by download attacks related to social engineering scams; however, the threat could attack with the help of USB viruses as well. If after you delete Skeleton Key, you do not want the threat to reemerge, you need to take care of your system’s security as well your flash drives. If they remain infected, you might have to remove Skeleton Key again. Can you delete the threat manually? The manual removal of the Trojan is a complicated task, and many computer users are likely to waste time and make mistakes without achieving success. On the other hand, if you install a legitimate, reliable malware remover, we are sure that the existing malware will be deleted successfully in no time.

In non-techie terms:

Skeleton Key is a threat that you need to keep away from your operating system at all costs. Once it attacks your computer, it will set out to corrupt your personal accounts and employ them for the distribution of malware. The malicious Trojan could even be used to launder money, which means that not only your virtual identity is at risk. Use an automatic malware removal tool to delete Skeleton Key, and afterward make sure to install the necessary security updates to ensure that other threats cannot attack your PC in the future.