Sgoblxtm Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what Sgoblxtm Toolbar is?

Sgoblxtm Toolbar is one of the toolbars of the recent Zlob Trojan series of malicious toolbars that seems to float around the internet very often. We have found that a new toolbar is created just about every week with some new funky name such as Sgoblxtm Toolbar. Sgoblxtm Toolbar behaves just like previous malicious toolbars with the possibility of redirecting users to dangerous websites that push rogue software.

Sgoblxtm Toolbar has several familiar symptoms to that of recent toolbars such as Vnbptxlf Toolbar and Stfngdvw Toolbar. Sgoblxtm Toolbar is known to display fake alerts, annoying popups and system warnings. Sgoblxtm Toolbar resembles a normal looking toolbar that proves to trick internet users into clicking on one of the 4 icons on the Sgoblxtm Toolbar. Sgoblxtm Toolbar may be installed by a Trojan infection that is obtained from a video access codec or the Media star Trojan.

In non-techie terms: Sgoblxtm Toolbar is similar to other known malicious toolbars with a row of icons and text that claim to remove spyware or protect your computer from spam. All of the icons and functions of Sgoblxtm Toolbar are fake and may result in further infecting your computer. It is recommended that computer users avoid clicking on the Sgoblxtm Toolbar. Do not purchase or download any programs that may be promoted on a website that Sgoblxtm Toolbar send you to under any circumstances.

Sgoblxtm Toolbar Screen Shot:

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