Servime.exe Removal Guide

Do you know what Servime.exe is?

Servime.exe is a malicious program whose function is to use the computer's resources for mining the digital currency Monero, which is now gaining in popularity due to the fluctuating rates of the Bitcoin currency. The presence of Servime.exe means that the computer is no longer running as usual, and it is easy to find the process of Servime.exe in the Windows Task Manager. Mining a digital currency without the user's agreement is illegal, and this activity should be stopped by killing the process and removing the malicious file from the computer.

Once the miner Servime.exe starts running, the computer become slower because of over 90% of central processing unit (CPU) or graphics processing unit (GPU) is used to generate digital coins. Because of the extensive power used for approving Monero transactions, the system boot time increases, and much more time is necessary for programs to launch. Moreover, if the GPU power is uses by some malware, you may notice that playing PC games is no longer as pleasurable as it used to be. For example, video display may become choppy or slower. If you have successfully used your PC for gaming and have not needed any tweaks for the graphic card or other pieces of the hardware, the unexpected change in gaming experience may suggest that the GPU power is being used by for some external purposes.

In addition to the computer's slow performance, you may notice that the cooling fan is working without pauses. It is important that the system's components not overheat, which is quite possible when home computers are used for mining coins. Your personal computer is not meant to be used for running CPU to the fullest, so you should take immediate action to identify the cause of the high CPU performance and the upcoming overheating.

You should also bear in mind that it is not enough just to remove Servime.exe. The computer could again be compromised by some malicious threat at any time if you do not implement any reputable security program. Malware is spread in multiple ways, including phishing emails, bundled files, drive-by downloads, brute-force RDP attacks, system and software vulnerabilities, to name just a few. Malicious programs also differ, meaning that they are created to perform different actions. Even though it is highly advisable to stay away from dubious websites and ignore emails sent by unrecognized senders, these preventative measures are not sufficient. There are so many different channels for malware to be spread that it would be physically impossible to monitor whether the system is affected by any questionable file or not. Therefore, do not hesitate to implement a malware removal tool to have the currency miner Servime.exe removed and the system protected.

Digital currency can be mined not only by executables but also by websites that have built-in resource-draining code for generating coins. The PC's CPU is used to mine currencies while browsing corrupted or deceitful websites. The latest technology of browser mining allows the process to continue even when the visitor close the browser. A small pop-up window hidden behind the Windows taskbar remains until the user notices and closes it.

There are some instances when website visitors are requested for permission to use their PC's CPU for mining currency. However, the problem arises when the code is used without consent. Online ads are also known to be used for mining coins, and one of the latest discovery of ad-based mining deals with YouTube ads. Google's DoubleClick ad platform is known to have been abused to display advertisement with ad containing malicious Javascript used for mining Monero. The issue was investigated after people started reporting that their antivirus programs block YouTube advertisements. That again proves that prioritizing online security is essential.

It is possible to remove Servime.exe manually, and the removal guide provided below should help you do so, but bear in mind that this removal procedure is not sufficient to have a malware-free and protected computer.

How to remove Servime.exe

  1. Check the desktop, Downloads folder, and Temp directory for Servime.exe and delete the file.
  2. If the file is not present in the aforementioned directories, check the directory C:\Windows and delete the malicious file.
  3. Kill its process in the Windows Task Manager.

In non-techie terms:

Servime.exe is a malicious program mining the Monero currency without your permission. The program drains the computer's power, thereby impairing the PC's performance and increasing the risk of hardware overheating. The miner Servime.exe should be removed once noticed so that no further damage is caused. To remove Servime.exe, use the removal guide available above or implement a reputable anti-malware program.