SecurityFighter Removal Guide and Information

SecurityFighter which is also known as Security Fighter is a rogue antispyware application that makes use of terrible scams in order to infect your computer and take your money and is a newer version of SaveArmor. SecurityFighter and its clones SaveDefender, TrustWarrior, QuickHealCleaner, SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper, BlockDefense, WiniFighter and SystemCop will try as best as they can, to try to convince you that your machine is infected and that you need to buy a full version in order to fix it. This is all one big malicious scam and none of it is real. The only real part is that your computer is infected but not with all the things SecurityFighter claims it is infected with, but rather with SecurityFighter itself! SecurityFighter will not clean your computer, remove anything or help your computer in any way, it will only harm your computer and your confidential information. You need to remember to not install, download or buy any application remotely related to SecurityFighter, no matter what promises it makes, they are all lies. Do not fall for any of it, but do remove SecurityFighter upon detection, immediately.