Security Mechanic Removal Guide

Do you know what Security Mechanic is?

Security Mechanic is a fake security program that is promoted as an application that is able to detect and remove computer parasites. Security Mechanic is a clone of SpyProtector and System Protector, which are both rogue anti-spyware applications. All of these bogus security programs use the same basic interface.

Security Mechanic may be spread or automatically installed through a Trojan horse infection. Usually once this takes place, Security Mechanic displays several fake warning messages, one of which reads similar to the following.

"System warning:
Intercepting programs that may compromise your privacy and
harm your system have been detected on your PC. Click here
to remove them immediately with the latest version of Security

"Security Mechanic
Security Mechanic has detected harmful software in your
system. It is strongly recommended to register Security
Mechanic to remove these threats immediately.
Click on this message to fix these errors."

Not only will you get fake warning messages from Security Mechanic, but you may also notice a system scan being performed by Security Mechanic. The system scan is not legitimate as the results are all fictitious.

In non-techie terms:
Security Mechanic is not an application that you can use for detection or removal of computer parasites. Security Mechanic will not fix any type of security issue that your system may have. It is recommended that you discontinue use of Security Mechanic before it causes irreversible damage to your computer.

Aliases: Security Mechanic, SecurityMechanic.