Security Defense Removal Guide

Do you know what Security Defense is?

If you are looking for a powerful security tool able to protect your PC against known and unknown threats, then you will be in for a shock if you rely on Security Defense to protect your PC. This rogue antispyware application derives from the well known family of rogues as Security Protection, and was not designed to be of any benefit to any PC. Its main purpose is only to rip its victims off, while offering nothing of value in return.

If you wonder how Security Defense manages to enter the PC, it does so through various nefarious infection tactics. These range from using bogus online malware scanners and seditious browser hijackers. It will infect online flash ads as a part of its online marketing campaign.

As a first line of attack against the system, Security Defense will initiate a fake system scan which will inform the user that his system is being overrun by various harmful threats. This is completely bogus and only forms part of Security Defense’s attack on the system. Soon after this the user will be spammed with various falsely generated security notifications, which should also be disregarded.

Users complained about various annoying symptoms associated with the Security Defense infection, some of which ranging from blocked Internet connections, the inability to launch applications on the infected PC and extremely poor system performance. Increased erratic system performance has also been reported.

In order to limit the damage this rogue will cause to your PC you have to destroy Security Defense with the power of a genuine security tool. Manual removals should only be attempted if you are experienced in doing so.

In non techie terms:

Security Defense is a fake security tool only out to rip you off. Limit the damage this rogue will cause and erase Security Defense with the help of a powerful security tool.

Aliases: SecurityDefense.