Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is a new way for schemers to make more money through third-party advertising disguised as a search page. This browser extension pretends to be a useful addition to your browsers that can provide you with quick access to Movie, TV, and news-related websites apart from the main feature, the search engine itself. As a matter of fact, our researchers have classified this infection as a browser hijacker because it can modify certain browser settings. This is not a new invention, though. We have discovered that this hijacker is identical to and many others. If you do not want to be exposed to potentially unreliable third-party content and online scams, you should not hesitate to remove from your computer.

This browser hijacker actually has a promotional webpage at If you click on the “Free Install” button, a pop-up comes up that informs you about the rights you are about to give this tool. We advise you to always read such pop-ups very carefully not to end up with an extension that has suspicious rights. Apart from the rights another interesting bit of information becomes clear; and that is the number of installations, which is still at zero. This extension is available at the Chrome web store (, where you also encounter this zero installation figure and that makes you wonder about the reliability of this product. A quick Google search may help you with this. If you run the name of this search page (, you will find a number of hits on the first page that talk about how and why you should remove as a browser hijacker. This should give you some ideas about whether it is safe to install such a tool or Removal screenshot
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Well, this browser extension does not seem to spread too effectively through these official channels. Unfortunately, there is an alternative way, which is called software bundling. This means that when you install this hijacker, there is a good chance that you let a whole bundle of other malware infections onto your computer as well. This can mainly happen when you click on unsafe third-party ads, such as pop-ups. These ads can be displayed by adware programs that infiltrated your system previously or by suspicious websites you visit, including freeware, torrent, and gaming sites. As you can see, it only takes one wrong click and you can end up with a number of threats on your computer in one go. These infections can be adware programs, browser hijackers, Trojan programs, and potentially unwanted programs among others. If you cannot recall how you let this infection on to your system, we suggest that you delete right away and scan your computer to detect all other potentially harmful applications.

This browser hijacker may change your home page, new tab page, and default search provider settings in your Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. This infection does not seem to affect Internet Explorer, though. In fact, you cannot even view the promotional page when you load it in Explorer. This unreliable search page offers you a fake toolbar with a search box and a number of weather, news, TV, movie, and sports-related easy access buttons. It is possible that this infection can use these sites to integrate its own third-party ads into them and thus make it risky for you to click on any ads even if you land on a reputable site. The major issue with this hijacker is the search engine itself. In fact, your search requests are redirected to a Yahoo search results page that could be modified by this infection. This means that the content of this page could include potentially unsafe links and advertisements. If you click on any link or ad that comes from cyber criminals, you could easily land on malicious websites, including fake webshops, where you may disclose your personal details as well as your banking information. If you do not want to be scammed by criminals or infect your computer with more malware programs, we suggest that you delete ASAP.

According to our researchers this browser hijacker can be eliminated entirely if you remove the extensions from the related browsers. If you are not familiar with this, please use our guide that we have included below this article. This is really easy to do even if you are not an advanced user. However, if you want to make sure that your computer is safe again for you to use, we advise you to use a reputable anti-malware program. If you install up-to-date security software and keep it active, you should have the best protection against any known malware.

Remove from browsers

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and open Settings.
  2. On the left, select Extensions.
  3. Click on the undesirable extension and click on the trash can icon.
  4. Click Remove.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap Alt+T and go to Add-ons.
  2. Select Extensions on the left.
  3. Select the undesirable extension and click Remove.

In non-techie terms: is a useless and potentially risky search page that can appear in your browsers after a browser hijacker manages to infiltrate your system. This infection can introduce you to unreliable content through third-party ads and links displayed on possibly altered and customized search results pages. Unfortunately, cyber criminals can take advantage of this browser hijacker and use it as bait. These crooks can embed their own ads and links into the pages coming through this infection. Therefore, clicking on any content provided by this search page could be risky. If you click on unsafe content, you may end up on malicious websites and become a victim on online scams. This is why we suggest that you remove as soon as you notice it in your browsers. If you want proper protection for your computer, we advise you to use a reliable malware removal program.