Removal Guide

Do you know what is?

You might think that is a safe and reliable search engine but the reality is that it is nothing more than a browser hijacker for Mac OS-based machines that was designed with the intention of replacing your browser’s homepage address and search engine settings to force you to use it to search the web. Cybersecurity experts say that it can feature promotional links and ads in its search results and these links and ads can be misleading and redirect you to sites that can compromise your computer’s security. It is recommended that you remove from your browser before it can do any damage. To find out more about this hijacker, we invite you to read this whole article.

This hijacker has been configured to target Mac OS running computer’s only as it is said to be distributed using software bundles compatible with this operating system only. The bundled software installers that feature might offer you to install it voluntarily. However, since it is a hijacker, it is more likely that the installers will inject it into your web browser by stealth. The affected browsers include Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Therefore, if you are a Mac user, then you should be careful about where you get your software from because freeware websites can be less known.

Malicious installers can inject directly into your web browser and replace its search engine and homepage address. Its creators want you to think of this hijacker as a regular search engine and use it to search the web and, indeed, you can do that. However, it must be said that redirects all entered search queries to which provides you with search results. The downside is that this hijacker can modify the search results to include promoted links and ads that are set to be shown among the search results. The promoted links come from unknown advertising partners and can pose a threat to your computer’s security as they can redirect to scam and infected websites.

On top of that, this hijacker can collect information about you to be used for promotional purposes. Researchers have concluded that was configured to collect information about you to be used for customizing and personalizing promotional links and ads you see in the search results. However, to do that, it must obtain specific anonymous information about you which can include your browser type, operating system type, and version, search terms entered, links clicked, search history, IP address, approximate location, and so on. This information is collected legally but can be misused to serve the agenda of this hijacker’s developers. Therefore, we do not recommend that you use this shady search engine.

In closing, is a browser hijacker that targets Mac OS-based computers and replaces their browser homepage addresses and search engines. Its developers want you to use it and see promotional links that generate revenue when clicked. However, they can be unreliable. Therefore, you should remove and replace it with a reliable search engine. See the guide below on how you can do that.

Removal Guide

Apple Safari

  1. Launch Safari.
  2. Select Safari and click Preferences.
  3. Select the General tab.
  4. Erase from the Homepage field.
  5. Type a new homepage address.
  6. Then, select the Search tab.
  7. Click the dropdown menu and select your preferred search engine.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome and click the Chrome menu button.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the On Startup, click Set pages.
  4. Erase
  5. Type a new homepage address.
  6. In the Settings menu, select Search.
  7. Select Manage search engines…
  8. Click “X” next to to remove it.
  9. Choose your preferred search engine and click Make default.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch Firefox and click Open Menu button.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Erase
  4. Type a new homepage address.

In non-techie terms: pretends to be a safe, legitimate browser. However the truth is that it is nothing more but a browser hijacker that targets Mac OS computers and replaces their browser homepages and search engines to show promotional links that generate ad revenue. Since it replaces the homepage and search engine without your consent and due to the fact that the promoted links and be dangerous, we recommend that you delete this hijacker as soon as the opportunity arises.