Search Safe for Chrome Removal Guide

Do you know what Search Safe for Chrome is?

Have you discovered Search Safe for Chrome in the list of Google Chrome add-ons and have no idea what this extension does? If the answer is “yes” to these two questions, you should know that it does not belong to any malicious application. This is good news! Although malicious software is not installed on your computer, you surely have a potentially unwanted program inside your system. If we believe the information available on its official website, it should make it possible to search the web privately. That is, it promises not to track users like other search tools. This sounds like a useful feature, so it does not surprise our experienced specialists at all that 129 437 users have already downloaded this program from the Chrome Web store. It should not cause serious harm because it is far from malware; however, it is a typical potentially unwanted application, so it might still start acting in an undesirable way. Of course, it will not do anything really harsh, but you should still consider whether your computer is a good place for suspicious software. If you are interested in the opinion of our specialists, they say that it would be best to remove this add-on no matter you have installed it willingly or it has shown up on your computer out of the blue.

Search Safe for Chrome has a label “potentially unwanted program” attached to it not without reason. The first reason it has fallen into this category is the fact that it hijacks a default search provider to Users do not see this new search tool at first, but if they enter a search query in the URL bar next to Search Safe for Chrome, they will see search results presented to them by Be careful with the search results it shows because, theoretically, the modified search results might be presented to you too. They might redirect to untrustworthy third-party pages if you click on them. By saying “untrustworthy pages”, we have in mind such websites which promote malware. Needless to say, you could continue using your preferred search tool which has been replaced by only if you remove the undesirable browser extension fully. Some users do not want to erase this add-on because they believe that it can allow them to search for the information privately, i.e. they do not want anyone to record their search queries and other information about them. Search Safe for Chrome claims that users can start performing private web searches if they do two things: 1) type “safe” in the address bar and 2) press the Tab key. Unfortunately, our specialists cannot guarantee that this piece of software is as beneficial as it claims to be.Search Safe for Chrome Removal GuideSearch Safe for Chrome screenshot
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There is one more reason our team of experienced specialists has decided to call Search Safe for Chrome a potentially unwanted program - it is directly linked to the distribution of this add-on. Researchers have managed to reveal that this piece of software can be downloaded from its official website ( and the Chrome Web store (, but these are only two out of three dissemination methods used to promote it. Specialists have revealed that it might also be spread through malicious software installers. This potentially unwanted program, most probably, is only one of many items in the installer, which explains why users give it permission to enter the system but do not even notice that. PUPs are not the only sneaky applications, so you might encounter harmful threats in the future too if you continue being careless. What we expect you to do is, at least, install reputable security software on your PC and enable it.

It should not be very hard to remove Search Safe for Chrome from Google Chrome if you use our step-by-step instructions provided below this article. Remember, these instructions will only help you to delete this undesirable extension. If you want to remove all other threats from your computer, we suggest using an automatic scanner. The removal of undesirable software can, of course, be performed manually, too but this method will, of course, be more complicated if compared to the automatic one because not all malicious components/programs active on the system can be found/removed easily.

Remove Search Safe for Chrome

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F simultaneously and click More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Find Search Safe for Chrome on the list, select it, and click on the Recycle bin button next to it.
  5. Click Remove.

In non-techie terms:

Potentially unwanted applications like Search Safe for Chrome are not harmful infections which can cause serious damage, but it is still known that they might act in an undesirable way and be associated with certain PC issues. Therefore, if you have already discovered Search Safe for Chrome in the list of add-ons of your browser, you should remove it ASAP. Be sure you remove other untrustworthy applications which could have managed to sneak onto the computer together with it as well.