Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is a search engine that can replace the home page and default search provider of your Chrome browser. Due to the changes involving this search provider, itselft is referred to as a browser hijacker even though the actual changes are made by a browser extension named Kshowonline DS. To fix your browser, which you should do as soon as you can, remove the browser extension from the browser and next time pay more attention to the application you are about to install.

The search engine is set as your startup page by the browser extension, which have probably provided you with a warning saying that some changes will be made. In order to prevent unwanted consequences, you should not hurry to approve all the permissions you are asked by various browser applications. There are many instances when browsers are modified without the user's permission, but, once you have the chance to deny the changes offered, make sure that the changes will not have any undesirable results, such as pop-up advertisements or redirections to questionable websites. Additionally, choose applicationts that have positive reviews and are promoted by reputable software sharing websites.

The search engine should be removed from the computer once noticed, because it generates many redundant search result entries, some of which may not even have anything in common with the search term. displays several blocks of third-party advertisements which are located above the major search results and also on the right side of the browser window. As for the advertisements added to the result page, some of the links may be added without any particular reason or logical connection to the topic searched. For instanced, when browsing for a cell phone, you might find links to the Facebook website. Moreover, the same block of advertisements may contain links to other search engines, which should not be trusted as Removal screenshot
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Interestingly, the search engine itself does not provide search results but employes the search provider to do so. The is a search engine governed by Babylon Ltd. This search engine collects certain non-personally identifiable information just as many other search providers do, but it is claimed that the data collected is not shared with or sold to any third parties. Nevertheless, that does not change our recommendation to remove from the browser.

If you do not remember installing the extension that has replaced your home page to, the odds are that the extension has been installed as an additional program. This type of software installation takes place when a computer user downloads a bundled file, which contain more than one software. Reading the terms of use or any other information provided by the installer is highly advisable, especially when no security application is running on the PC. If your computer had been protected by anti-malware, you would have been informed about the potential threat. Now you can only remove from the browser and some some measure to avoid the same situation in the future.

Not only should you avoid bundled installers from questionable websites, but you should also ignore various pop-up advertisements, especially those that are displayed on websites of questionable reputations. Pop-ads are one of the means to spread so-called browser hijackers, so, if you want to be bypassed by various threats, use common sense when surfing the net.

As regards the removal of, you have two options. First, you can try removing the application associated with with the help of the removal guide given below. The removal process includes only removing the malicious extension, but that does not guarantee that you can continue browsing the Internet safely. After removing the unwanted extension, you should scan the system to find out whether it is not affected by more damaging threats. You can skip the first part by implemening an anti-malware program that is capable of identifying malware of different types, including browser hijackers, adware, trojan horses, etc. Do not hesitate to install a tool for your online protection because you cannot know what threats may attempt to get unauthorized access to your unprotected OS.

How to remove

  1. Click the 3-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the browser.
  2. Click More tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Remove the unwanted extension.

In non-techie terms: is a search engine that directs searches to The result pages provided by the search engine may contain links to unreliated websites, which is usually done to drive more traffic to those websites. If you do not remember agreeing with the terms of use of, take action to remove it from your Chrome browser.