Removal Guide

Do you know what is?

Although does not look much different than many other search engines, our research team classifies it as a browser hijacker. Whether or not you have let it in yourself, it is best for you to initiate removal immediately. According to the latest information, the elimination of the browser hijacker is most likely to trouble those using iOS and Android mobile devices. If you use these devices, we suggest checking all installed browsers. If you discover the hijacker on any of them, you need to take action as soon as possible. A reputable and up-to-date malware scanner app might help you uncover the infection as well. Hopefully, you know exactly what to do, and you do not get stuck along with the way. If you do not know how to delete, or you want to learn more about it, you are reading the right report.

What do you know about AirFind Corp.? This company is the creator of, as well as other hijackers that our research team has reviewed recently, including and You can find more information about these threats in appropriate reports, but you can learn about them using this analysis as well because, after all, these hijackers are identical. So, is it normal for companies to create multiple tools that serve in the same manner? It is not, and it is fair to suspect that something fishy is going on with AirCorp. It is most likely that this company is creating and spreading multiple hijackers just so it could earn more money by promoting third-party links. Unfortunately, these links could easily be malicious, and that is why we suggest removing or any of its clones.

If you have entered a keyword into the search field presented via, you know that original search results are presented. Or are they? It is most likely that these results are copied from a legitimate search engine, and the main focus is put into the sponsored content that is shown at the top. It is possible that these results are taken from Google or Bing search providers. These are also represented in a very suspicious manner by the hijacker. It uses Google Custom Search and a search tool “powered by Bing.” Both showcase sponsored content, and so we do not recommend trusting them. You also need to be careful about the content promoted via, which you are routed to via the “Home Portal” link. Overall, the search services represented via are not reliable, and so we do not recommend trusting this tool at all. Without a doubt, we recommend removing it!

If a browser on your mobile device was corrupted by, you need to scan your device first to check if this browser hijacker is the only threat you are dealing with. If it is not, it is suggested by our malware experts that you employ a legitimate security app immediately to have malicious threats erased automatically. You might also be able to clean your mobile device by uninstalling unwanted apps and resetting your browsers. The easiest way to reset your browser is to reinstall it. If you do not know how to delete it, check out the guide below. Then, go to Play Store or App Store and reinstall the browser. It will be completely clean. Of course, you should install a security tool anyway to ensure further protection.

Reinstall browsers to delete

On Android

  1. Tap Settings to open a menu.
  2. Move down the list to Apps and tap it.
  3. Tap the app representing the browser and select Uninstall (or Disable).
  4. Go to App Store and install the app again.

On iOS

  1. Tap Settings to open a menu.
  2. Tap General to open a menu and then go to Storage & iCloud Usage.
  3. Select Manage Storage and find the app representing the browser.
  4. Tap it and then select Delete App.
  5. Go to Play Store and install the app again.

In non-techie terms:

Is the only threat active on your mobile device, or are there other threats? Malicious apps might be responsible for helping the hijacker corrupt your browser apps as well. Speaking of the hijacker, it can showcase unreliable sponsored links while hiding behind the reputable names of Google and Bing. Since the search services are useless, and the hijacker does not offer anything else, it is high time you removed It is recommended that you install a security tool to have your mobile device cleaned, but you might also successfully get rid of the hijacker using the guide above.