redirect Removal Guide

Do you know what redirect is? redirect is a browser plug-in or add-on which you can download from or acquire when installing a program which has this add-on attached. In the case of the latter, users very often do not pay close attention to what is said in the license of agreement and do not uncheck the particular boxes asking for permission to install the toolbar. If your browsers have the eType toolbar, then you should also notice that the browsers have changed.

When redirect modifies the changes of your browser, you may find that you home page is change into While trying to browse the Internet, you might also observe that the Internet speed is slower than usual. Moreover, you will definitely come across unwanted pop-up message and advertisement; some of them may be saying that you are the winner of an iphone. You may also notice the message given below:

Early adopter
Received for joing eType and ready to type right.

The positive characteristic which is promoted by the developers of the eType toolbar is that you can access an auto-complete dictionary, lexical databases, and translators. However, along these additional functions you will find another annoying feature introduced by redirect. When you are typing your keywords, in the Google search engine or the search box below the address box, you will be provided with an additional list of the possible options for your keywords.

Moreover, the toolbar will constantly change an advertisement next to its search box in order to make you download some spyware removal tool, which may be fake anti-spyware tools designed to fool into buying their full versions. Please pay no attention to the promotion and remove redirect from the system so that no more damage is caused to the overall performance of the system.

As to the removal of redirect, you can use the Control Panel utility called Add or Remove Programs (for Windows XP users). In case you have Windows Vista/7, you should look for the Uninstall a Program utility. However, it is worth mentioning that it is not enough to remove the infection in this way. Even though the toolbar is no longer present in the browsers after this type of removal, some components of the infection are still present in the system.

We recommend you install a free scanner of SpyHunter, which will surely find malicious files related to this unwanted program. Every piece of software installed in the system creates registry entries, which should be removed from the system after you uninstall the program. As the Registry is a complex database requiring a lot of attention in order to be dealt with, you should use professional tools in this case, which is why we recommend you install SpyHunter and remove redirect completely.

In non techie-terms: redirect is a plug-in which you should remove from the system if you want to use the Internet without being disturbed by unwanted pop-up messages and redirects, not to mention other inconvenience that occurs due to the present of this threat. To remove this application, download SpyHunter, whose free scanner you can download by clicking on the button below.

Aliases: Search.etype.