Scarab-Danger Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Scarab-Danger Ransomware is?

Scarab-Danger Ransomware is a computer infection that intends to steal your money. It cannot take over your financial information, but it bullies you into paying a fee for decrypting your files. However, there is no guarantee that this program would really send you the decryption tool, so it might just snatch your payment and make a run for it. Instead of paying these criminals, you need to remove Scarab-Danger Ransomware from your system as soon as possible. Then, you can look for ways to restore at least some of your files.

Is there a definitely way to restore the encrypted files? There is, provided you have an external drive where you keep copies of your files. That is why computer security experts always emphasize the importance of keeping your data backed up either on an external drive or cloud storage. This way, you would not have to worry about your files and how to get them back. With a data backup, you could simply delete the infected files, remove Scarab-Danger Ransomware from your computer, and then transfer the healthy files back. But the problem here is that very few users can really afford that.

Instead, it might look like most of the infected users will have to start anew once they get rid of Scarab-Danger Ransomware. Which is why quite a few could be tempted to pay the ransom fee, especially as the infection says the following in the ransom note:

To decrypt files, please contact us by jabber:
The file is encrypted with the RSA-2048 algorithm, only we can decrypt the file.
Danger: our contacts change every 3 days, do not hesitate, contact us immediately. Then we will not be available.

So it would seem that you have only three days to restore your files. However, we do not even know how much one has to pay to get the decryption key. The criminals also mention in their ransom note that “if you do not have money then you do not need to write to us.” In other words, if you fail to transfer the fee due to your financial circumstances, you need to solve this situation on your own because there is no mercy from their side. Once again, we would like to emphasize that paying these criminals is NEVER a good option because there is a very good possibility you would only lose your money.

You can find the removal instructions for Scarab-Danger Ransomware below our description, although you will see that deleting this infection is quite easy: you just need to delete the most recently downloaded files. Here you might ask what the files you have downloaded have anything to do with it. Well, the truth is that your online habits have a lot to do with this infection. Scarab-Danger Ransomware cannot enter your computer unless you allow it to. So you must have downloaded and launched the installer file for this infection without even realizing it.

It happens because Scarab-Danger Ransomware gets distributed via spam email attachments. While most of the spam email messages are filtered into the Junk folder, some emails that look like legitimate notifications from online stores or reputable companies may be spam messages that carry ransomware installer files disguised as legal documents. You might think you are opening an online shopping invoice, while in fac,t you launch the infection.

That is why it is extremely important to be alert whenever you receive messages from unfamiliar senders. You can also scan the attached file before opening it if you think that the file is important, but you do not know whether you can trust the sender. By scanning the attached files or simply deleting spam email messages without even opening them, you would save yourself the trouble of dealing with Scarab-Danger Ransomware later on.

When you delete all the recently downloaded files, please be sure to scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. A full system scan will locate any malicious file you have missed, and it will also protect your PC from other intruders. However, if you are not careful about the emails you open and the instant messages you receive, another infection might enter your system again, so please be responsible!

How to Delete Scarab-Danger Ransomware

  1. Delete the recent files from Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the Downloads folder.
  3. Remove the most recent files from the folder.
  4. Run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner.

In non-techie terms:

Scarab-Danger Ransomware is a computer infection that will encrypt your files. It means that your system will no longer be able to read your files. The people behind this infection say that you can restore your files if you pay the ransom. However, computer security experts say that paying the ransom would only encourage these criminals to release more ransomware programs, so your main job right now is to remove Scarab-Danger Ransomware from your system, and then look for various ways to restore as many files as possible.