Scanner Removal Guide

Do you know what Scanner is?

It seems that more and more PC users are falling foul of the much hated Scanner rogue system optimizer application. In recent times the Scanner infection has affected many PCs the world over and continue to wreak havoc to vulnerable computers. The problem comes in when users aren’t able to distinguish Scanner as a fake system optimizer. This is because Scanner makes use of quite genuine looking user interfaces, and may even appear to be quite user friendly. As a first line of attack, Scanner will start an unsolicited security scan of the PC. This fake scan will product false positives of viruses on the PC, and will inform the user that the only way to get rid of these viruses will be to pay for a license of Scanner. This should never happen as the consumer will only receive an empty shell for his money, and should rather delete Scanner straight away. Symptoms of an Scanner infection have been reported as a dramatically slowed down PC, blocked Internet connections and randomly generated files.

In non techie terms:

The only way to permanently remove Scanner will be to make use of the removal power of a legitimate security application. Get rid of Scanner in order to minimize the damage posed to your system.