Rsa-4096 Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Rsa-4096 Ransomware is?

Rsa-4096 Ransomware is another name for TeslaCrypt (version 3.0) Ransomware. This infection is typical crypto-malware that locks personal files on victims’ computers as soon as it infiltrates their computers successfully. Since it uses a strong RSA-4096 encryption algorithm to encrypt data on victims’ computers, some specialists call it Rsa-4096 Ransomware instead of TeslaCrypt Ransomware. It is used for money extortion, so do not be surprised when you discover a ransom note with instructions explaining how to make a payment. It is nothing smart about sending money to malicious software developers. There are no guarantees that you could unlock files on your computer after you make a payment. Additionally, cyber criminals will never stop developing new malicious applications if all victims give them what they want the most, i.e. their money. Do not be one of those users who support cyber criminals – delete Rsa-4096 Ransomware from your system ASAP if you have encountered it. Then, install security software so that other harmful infections could not enter your system illegally again.

Unlike some other malicious applications, Rsa-4096 Ransomware will not hide in the corner after the successful entrance. Instead, it will start doing its dirty job right away. That is, it will scan your computer to find where such personal files as documents, music, and images are located and then will lock them all mercilessly. All these encrypted files can no longer be opened, and, on top of that, their original filename extensions are changed. You will also find three new files on your computer: Recovery+{5 random symbols}.html, Recovery+{5 random symbols}.png, and Recovery+{5 random symbols}.txt. Since the ransomware infection drops the .png file as well, there is a possibility that you will find your Desktop background changed too. If you read the message any of these files contain, you will know why you can no longer open your files: “All of your files were protected by a strong encryption with RSA-4096.” Only a private decryption key can unlock them. It is stored on a secret server belonging to cyber criminals behind Rsa-4096 Ransomware. They want your money in exchange for the decryption key and program. Free decryption software might be unavailable, but it does not mean that you should send a ransom to cyber criminals behind Rsa-4096 Ransomware. Keep in mind that they might take your money but do not give you anything in exchange. That is, you might not get the promised tool for decrypting files from them. No doubt your money will not be sent back to you in this case.Rsa-4096 Ransomware Removal GuideRsa-4096 Ransomware screenshot
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Rsa-4096 Ransomware is, without a doubt, not as prevalent as Wana Decrypt0r Ransomware and, because of this, it is difficult to make any conclusions, but specialists are 99% sure that this malicious application should be distributed using usual malware distribution methods. To be more specific, it should be distributed via emails as an attachment. Also, it might pretend to be useful software, so users should stay away from all P2P websites and download programs only from their official websites. Last but not least, you should never click on random links or pop-ups. Of course, there are threats that are extremely hard to prevent from entering systems. Because of this, all inexperienced users should also have security software enabled on their computers, according to our security specialists. Since there are so many tools that only pretend to be security software, double-check your tool before completing its installation.

The Rsa-4096 Ransomware removal will not be a piece of cake, but if you use our manual removal guide, it should not be something that you could not do yourself. First, you will need to remove the Value of this ransomware infection from the Run registry key. Second, you will have to find and erase all files linked to this threat. Finally, you will have to remove .html, .png, and .txt ransom notes dropped on your PC. You can fully remove the ransomware infection using an antimalware scanner too.

Delete Rsa-4096 Ransomware

  1. Tap Win+R.
  2. Type regedit and click OK.
  3. Move to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  4. Locate the malicious Value, e.g. adbeef-v9893.
  5. Right-click on it and select Delete.
  6. Close Registry Editor and open Windows Explorer.
  7. Go to %WINDIR%.
  8. Delete the malicious .exe file.
  9. Go to %USERPROFILE%\Documents.
  10. Remove two .exe files (their names will consist of random symbols).
  11. Delete ransom notes in .html, .png, and .txt formats from all affected folders.
  12. Empty Trash.

In non-techie terms:

Rsa-4096 Ransomware is a harmful malicious application that will illegally enter your computer and then will lock a bunch of personal files on it. It does not do this to make you angry. Instead, it wants your money in exchange for the decryption tool. Never send money to malicious software developers because they will take your money, but there is a possibility that you will get nothing from them. Additionally, you will encourage cyber criminals to release more threats in the future by transferring money.