Reports show that numerous Androind devices run a devious program known as Upgradesys

Android users are facing a new security threat almost every day. Recently, malware experts have discovered a suspicious application, which goes by the name of Upgradesys. It is essential to note that this dubious piece of software is not an infection that you can encounter while browsing the web. As it turns out, it comes pre-installed on devices. What is even more concerning is the fact that there is no way of disabling or removing Upgradesys.

Analysis has revealed that this invasive program has been crafted by the same Chinese company that has been responsible for a malicious program of the same nature called Adups, which has been used collect sensitive data. At the time, Adups were estimated to run on almost 700 million devices; unfortunately, there is no substantial information how widespread Upgradesys is. It is also essential to highlight that both, Adups and Upgradesys come pre-installed on low-budget devices that are usually up for sale on the Internet. Unfortunately bugged devices have even made their way into legitimate carriers in the UK and other countries too.

Is Upgradesys dangerous?

Unfortunately, most users that have Android devices running Upgradesys are not aware of its existence since it functions silently. Malware experts have identified the package names of Upgradesys, which are “com.adups.fota.sysoper” and “com.fw.upgrade.sysoper.” The name of the app itself is “FWUpgradeProvider.apk.” Use these names, to find out if this invasive piece of software is active on your Android device.

Further investigation has shown that Upgradesys has root access, which means it has the capability to download, update, and install other applications. Due to such functionality, your device could end up filled with suspicious and even malicious apps without your knowledge. Even though at the moment no malicious downloads have been observed, a program with such privileges should not be trusted entirely.

Additionally, you must know that Upgradesys can also track your device at all times without requiring your consent. It has been discovered that it can monitor your text messages, phone numbers, photos stored on the device, etc. The alarming thing about all of this is that all the information might be shared with unknown third-parties, which could include cyber crooks. Because of that, you might have to face further virtual security problems.

It is also critical to note that with the help of this intrusive program, malware developers could simply take over your device and use it whichever way they see fit without any notification or authorization. As you can imagine, the consequences of that could be disastrous.

On top of all that, this invasive piece of software could act like an adware application on your mobile device. Researchers have noticed that in some instances it could be the primary reason, your browser might be flooded with suspicious ads, pop-ups, and coupons on your most visited websites. Consequently, browsing the Internet on your device could become a bothersome and otherwise frustrating experience. Besides causing annoyance, ads and pop-ups could also prove to be dangerous since they might host redirect links leading to all sorts of dangerous websites.

What to do about Upgradesys

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no way to remove or disable Upgradesys. However, having a devious program capable of such functionally on your device could prove to be dangerous, to put it lightly. Thus, our researchers advise you to install a professional antimalware tool on your device immediately. Doing so is imperative because such a tool is designed to detect and warn users about any suspicious activity or application on their device before it can start doing its dirty work.