RegistryDoctor2008 Removal Guide

Do you know what RegistryDoctor2008 is?

RegistryDoctor2008 is a fake registry cleaning program that makes a false claim of being able to fix or clean your system's registry. Once RegistryDoctor2008 is installed, either through a Trojan infection or the website, it starts to display popups and perform fake system scans. Do not trust these messages or scan results because they are all bogus.

In non-techie terms: In the end RegistryDoctor2008 ultimately tries to get you to purchase the full version of RegistryDoctor2008 at a premium price. The amount that you spend on RegistryDoctor2008 might as well have been thrown in the garbage because that's exactly what you are buying, garbage. RegistryDoctor2008 does nothing good for you. You should never download or purchase RegistryDoctor2008 under any circumstances.

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