Rarucrypt Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Rarucrypt Ransomware is?

Rarucrypt is a ransomware infection that does not encrypt files but compresses them in the RAR format and deletes the original copies. Moreover, each file is secured behind a password. This is done to scare the victim into thinking that there is no other way to regain access to the files but by paying the ransom fee demanded by the attackers. Fortunately, it is possible to unlock the archived files, because the password unlocking the affected data has been extracted from the code of the ransomware.

It has been found that the Rarucrypt ransomware deletes itself after successfully compressing different file formats to RAR archives. More specifically, the threat archives the targeted files, creates 10 ransom note on the desktop, and terminates itself.

According to the ransom warnings, which are named README1, README2, etc., the decryption fee is 200 Rubles. The ransom notes do not specify what money payment method has to be used but provides a reference to a criminal's profile at vk.com, which is a Russian-based social networking website. Unfortunately, the profile given in the warning is suspended, meaning that if you have the Rarucrypt ransomare on your computer, you would not be able to contact the schemer. Nevertheless, even if you were able to contact the attacker and pay the ransom, that would not guarantee that the password extracting your files would be sent to you. Cyber criminals creating such threats have no compassion and do not tend to help their victims to fix the damage they cause on the infected computer. Hence, paying up for data decryption or unlocking, as in this case, would be unwise.

The analysis of the infection's code has revealed that the password unlocking the comprised files is hard-coded, and you can restore your files using this key:


Although the executable of the Rarucrypt ransomware is likely to be removed from the system, that does not mean that you should continue to browse the Internet as usual. It is highly essential to adopt a few preventative measures so that similar instances do not occur in the future. For example, ransomware is spread through obfuscated emails containing bogus file attachments and deceitful links. Very often an ill-purposed email is created to resemble an email of a reputable service provider or seller. However, if you have not purchased anything recently but have received an invoice, that email is most likely to be a hoax. Another ransomware distribution method is drive-by downloads, which take place surreptitiously upon clicking a download button or a link. To prevent stealthy malware installation, avoid questionable websites, such as adult-oriented website, online gaming websites, and obscure software sharing websites as much as you can. If you use the RDP service, its login details should be enforced by choosing complex username and passwords, which would be hard to crack for the attackers.Rarucrypt Ransomware Removal GuideRarucrypt Ransomware screenshot
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However, ignoring questionable emails, avoiding unreliable websites, and using strong passwords only slightly reduce the risk of getting the PC infected. A reliable anti-malware program should be running on the computer to ensure full-time protection against malware and spyware; otherwise, various threats may continuously access your system one after another to destroy or steal your valuable data without your knowledge.

If you want to avoid threats such as the Rarucrypt ransomware, simply implement a reputable security tool. Below you will find our removal guidelines that will help you delete the malicious file if it is still present on your PC. Note that the Rarucrypt ransomware terminates itself, but if this process fails and the file is still present, delete it straight away.

How to remove the Rarucrypt ransomware

  1. Check the desktop and Downloads folder for the malicious executable of the threat. If it is present, remove it.
  2. Delete all 10 ransom note files created on the desktop.

In non-techie terms:

The Rarucrypt ransomware is a nefarious infection that archives files to the RAR format and restricts access to the file by adding a password. The threat creates 10 ransom notes demanding a release sum of 200 rubles. It is possible to unlock the archived files with the code S?{DCO^C!{L@CR^+<7E}2, which is obtained from the code of the ransomware. Having fixed the issue, shield the system from malware so that you can browse the Internet safely.