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If you ever visit a websites known as, be sure to refrain from it at all times. Malware experts at have received reports that this web page is set up by suspicious third-party that looks to make profits from unsuspecting Internet users. Unfortunately, quite a few users have been affected by this site and its questionable services. That is mostly so because it is advertised as a substitute for traditional radio services. It should provide you with an opportunity to stream your favorite music for a monthly fee. While that sounds great, you should know that by using services, you will gain not the best of service for a high sum of money. If you want to find out more about this questionable web pages, be sure to read the rest of this report. Furthermore, we include a few virtual security recommendations that will help you identify and avoid such dubious sites as

During the extensive analysis, malware researchers at our internal labs have noticed that most Internet users sign up for services of because it is advertised as a great way to stream music efficiently. At first sight, it might seem like a service worthy of signing up. However, it is critical to note that is not the best and most reliable streaming platform out there. It is paramount to note that to sign up for this service you need to provide your full name, email, and credit card data. The trial period is only seven days, and during that time your card will be charged $1. Once that period is over, you will be charged $49.99 each month. That is an extremely high price for music streaming when compared to other major platforms. What is concerning about all of this is the fact that most users are not aware of such subscription policy; thus, they end up paying $49.99 each month even if they do not use any services provided by this dubious site. Cancellation policy is also somewhat tricky since you must contact 15 days before the usual billing date. Thus, it is not at all surprising that quite a few users have trouble calling of their subscription. It should be quite self-evident that you must refrain from this suspicious website at all times. Do not take any chances as you could lose a lot of money due to tricky tactics that developers of use.

While is not malicious, it is still dangerous, and every Internet user should refrain from it at all times. By practicing safe browsing habits, you will significantly reduce the risk of encountering dubious sites. We highly advise you to always learn about any service that you want to sign up for before doing so because cyber crooks can use misleading and otherwise manipulative marketing tactics to lure naive Internet users. Also, you should refrain from all dubious third-party web pages since they could host pop-ups or ads containing redirect links, which might lead you to websites crafted by malware developers. Likewise, you must refrain from all emails and email attachments that come your way from questionable third-parties. Doing so is crucial because cyber crooks use spam email campaigns for distribution purposes. While practicing safe browsing habits will reduce the chances of encountering suspicious web content, it is paramount to have a reliable antimalware tool at all times. Such a tool is essential because it provides overall system security; it can identify any suspicious website or an application beforehand and warn you about it. Take these simple steps, and you will have a secure PC.

We highly advise you to cancel the subscription to Be sure to carefully schedule your cancellation date as missing it could result in losing another $49.99. Once you are done, we urge you to check your bank account to see if no longer charges your card. It is also a good idea to check your computer for any questionable application affiliated with this dubious streaming platform. Also, resetting your browser's settings might be beneficial because it would remove any tracking cookies that might have used to gather information about your online activities.

In non-techie terms:

If you are a security-conscious user that want to have a secure operating system at all times, you need to take all the possible steps to improve your virtual security. By following the instructions below, you will be able to check your PC for any questionable content associated with automatically.