Qarallax RAT Removal Guide

Do you know what Qarallax RAT is?

Qarallax RAT is an incredibly malicious piece of software that is capable of entering the Windows operating system silently and maneuvering in a highly intrusive manner. According to the latest research by our malware experts, the infection – which is, in fact, a Remote-Access Trojan – spreads via spam emails. That means that all Windows users have a chance to stop this malware from slithering in. The most crucial thing is to stay vigilant about strange and unexpected emails. Cyber criminals are capable of mimicking email addresses (with barely noticeable changes), creating legitimate-looking addresses, and introducing users to highly misleading yet believable content. In some cases, attackers could even hijack legitimate accounts that belong to regular users to spread malware. If you are tricked into opening a misleading email and then opening a link or a file attached to it, the Trojan can slither in without permission. Once that happens, it might take a long time before you realize that you need to remove Qarallax RAT.

First and foremost, do you know if Qarallax RAT exists on your operating system? Since this malware is extremely clandestine, it might be impossible for you to notice it. This is why it is the best idea to employ a trusted malware scanner that could reliably examine your entire operating system. If the Trojan is found, you need to delete it as soon as possible. Of course, you could also come across the files that belong to this malware. According to our research, the components of this threat are added to a new folder in the %USERPROFILE% directory. An entry to SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RUN in the Windows Registry is added also. If you are able to find these components, you might be able to delete Qarallax RAT manually, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we need to understand this malware. For example, we have found that it needs Java to run, and if it does not exist, the malware can install it with payload. This indicates that the threat might be able to download anything and everything.

There are three main functions that Qarallax RAT has, and these include recording mouse-clicks and key-strokes, as well as capturing screenshots and video via webcam. By recording what you type and what you click on, the infection might be capable of recording highly sensitive information, such as passwords, user names, pin codes, and so on. Personal data could be recorded by grabbing screenshots too. Using access to the webcam, remote attackers could spy on you and record video, which could, later on, become a tool for blackmail. Clearly, the creator of this infection is not playing around, and it is pretty obvious that they could do some serious damage. Even if you successfully remove Qarallax RAT, if it managed to obtain sensitive information, you could experience consequences for time to come. As soon as you are done with the elimination process, immediately, change the passwords to your most precious accounts, and keep an eye on your sent emails and messages, as well as card transactions.

Although it is possible to delete Qarallax RAT manually, and we even offer a guide that shows how to achieve that, we strongly encourage all users who have faced this Trojan, or whose operating systems are not guarded to install anti-malware software. The instant benefit of using this software is that all threats are removed automatically. However, you must understand that the most important task for anti-malware tools is to keep malicious infections away. So, whether you fear the attack of Qarallax RAT – which is a truly valid fear – or you are already dealing with this malware, it is best to install anti-malware software.

Remove Qarallax RAT

  1. Simultaneously tap keys Win+E on the keyboard.
  2. In Explorer’s field at the top enter %USERPROFILE%.
  3. Look for a folder with a random name that consists of 11 symbols and open it to see if it contains [11 random symbols] ID.txt and [11 random symbols].[6 random symbols] files. If it does, Delete it.
  4. Simultaneously tap keys Win+R on the keyboard.
  5. In the RUN dialog box enter regedit.exe and click OK.
  6. In Registry Editor move to [HKCU or HKLM]\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RUN.
  7. Delete the value with 11 random symbols in its name. Note that the value data should reveal the location of the malicious [11 random symbols].[6 random symbols] file.
  8. Empty Recycle Bin and then quickly use a malware scanner to perform a complete system scan.

In non-techie terms:

Your virtual security depends on your ability to prevent Qarallax RAT from attacking your operating system, spot this malware if it invades, and remove it successfully. As discussed in the report, the infection can record sensitive data using keystroke-logging, mouse click-recording, and webcam-spying techniques. This makes it one of the most aggressive threats out in the web. Hopefully, you can stop its entrance by being vigilant about the spam emails you receive, and if it manages to slither in, hopefully, you are quick to find and delete Qarallax RAT. We suggest using anti-malware software to help you spot malware in time (note it can automatically delete existing malware too). If you decide not to install it, at least pick a reliable malware scanner and perform full system scans frequently.