PyroAntiSpy Removal Guide

Do you know what PyroAntiSpy is?

PyroAntiSpy, also called Pyro AntiSpy, is a rogue anti-spyware program that is running amuck the internet causing issues worldwide. PyroAntiSpy is not a trusted program but more like a worthless program that takes your money in return for absolutely nothing. We have confirmed that PyroAntiSpy does not remove spyware or fix your computer which it falsely claims to do.

PyroAntiSpy is known to load at Windows startup making it very difficult to remove in some cases. You will know when PyroAntiSpy is installed because you will get several popups or alert messages that may scare you into thinking you have a messed up computer. PyroAntiSpy may be installed without your knowledge through the Zlob Trojan which can come from a fake video codec download.

In non-techie terms: PyroAntiSpy should never be downloaded, installed or purchased because it will ultimately waste your time and money. The only reason that any computer user should purchase PyroAntiSpy is if they like throwing away $30 to $80. We are pretty sure you cannot find many people who will do that so it is safe to say you don't want to do this.

Aliases: PyroAntiSpy, Pyro AntiSpy, Pyro Anti Spy,

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